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  1. Simone Biles is a true inspiration to everyone particularly young athletes. It’s proof that nothing not even the olympics is worth sacrificing your mental health for. What I find really lovely from looking online is the support she is receiving from her coaches and teammates. As you said earlier Cotes du rhone ballet is a team event too and the dancers deserve to feel just as supported not alone. For example, it’s no good just referring dancers to the school’s psychologists without a proper support system in place in the studio and there shouldn’t be this stigma. Open conversations should be had with the dancers as its all too common for dancers to struggle with things like body image, anxiety self esteem etc. As you said the ballet world still has a long way to go however I feel that positive small changes are happening.
  2. Hi everyone, I have decided to sell my harlequin floor practice mat as I Brought it for training during lockdown. Unfortunately I am unable to deliver due to the weight of item so it would have to be collection only. If anyone is interested please pm me for more details 😊
  3. I think it’s a bit extreme to have closed the whole school due to one positive covid case however if they are following the rules from the PHE then i understand. In dd’s school there have been a couple of covid cases however only the people who have tested positive have been isolating and their close contacts so they have so far been able to continue to train. Keeping our fingers crossed for graduation. So sad for all of these young dancers.
  4. Blue ladies capezio cap sleeve leotard size small £25 inc postage and packaging
  5. Also open to offers looking for a quick sale
  6. Blue yumiko with silver velvet top size medium but would say it’s a small £50 inc postage and packaging
  7. Pale Blue floral mesh top ladies leotard size small £25 inc postage and packaging Ladies black cross back leotard size small £25 inc postage and packaging Both used but are in great condition!
  8. Same in dd’s graduate yr! It’s very sad especially with the lack of jobs this yr even more of a reason to help these dancers during an unprecedented time.
  9. Hi sorry this has now sold.
  10. I agree, Dd is at an upper school at the moment and unfortunately smoking is popular across all year groups. Fortunately my dd has never smoked and she knows that if she did she would be in a lot of trouble. The amount of stress these young dancers are under is immense particularly at upper school level and I’m sure some may turn to substance abuse as a form of coping whether it’s alcohol, drugs or smoking. We made it clear to dd that she should seek proper support eg therapy if she felt so stressed or unable to cope and to never turn to alcohol or cigarettes. However we encourage dd to have a good social life and meet with sensible friends on the weekend who she may have the odd drink or party with which is fine because she needs a good balance otherwise she becomes too obsessed with dance.
  11. Red deseurband/ stretch band for sale dd doesn’t use it anymore. great for back flexibility arabesques etc £25 inc postage and packaging
  12. Wear moi pacific leotard for sale used but in excellent condition colour: light blue, rouche front size: small £15 inc postage and packaging
  13. Yes she is actually going to be seeing one and I’m hoping this will provide some relief and some answers.
  14. Hi everyone just thought to come on here and give an update. Dd tried writing down her strengths, passions etc but keeps coming to me saying I don’t know who I am without ballet. As a parent I provide lots of reassurance it’s just so difficult hearing her say that because obviously she is so much more than the ballet world! There are also more opportunities sprinting up as we edge nearer to grad and she says she almost feels this guilt and worry that she’ll regret it later on if she doesn’t go for these opportunities even though she’s decided she wants to come away from it all. This is definitely a very very tough year!
  15. Hi my dd has loads of old pointe shoes she wants to get rid of!
  16. This is a very interesting topic. I agree with everyone else try not to take social media too seriously as people post what they’re good at and you don’t see their struggles. However having said that my dd was accepted into White Lodge 8 years ago she only trained at a local dance school in a hall but also did royal ballet associates every Saturday. She had no privates and certainly didn’t do any summer intensives simply because we couldn’t afford them. She was definitely accepted into the school based on her potential and I do believe if she auditioned for White Lodge now I am certain she wouldn’t have gained a place. Back when she was 10 Or 11 yrs old it was very common for children to be accepted on potential and the international competition was also less. however recently I have become increasingly aware of children as young as 9 or 10 yrs old doing multiple private lessons with top industry professionals , associate schemes etc and they do seem to be the ones being accepted into the schools. I do worry about them doing too much at a young age they may be more prone to burnout especially if they continue to train privately alongside their vocational training. However having said all this let your dc apply see what happens because you never know if you don’t try.
  17. Ive loved reading everyone’s replies, thank you. I was thinking the same giving dd a break after grad and not rushing into anything. I’m sure there will be lots of grieving as mentioned eg anxiety depression anger etc. It will be interesting actually because dd has been through all of them emotions caused by ballet so stepping back I’m thinking will allow her to heal. I guess time will tell and we are going to embrace this hell of a journey!
  18. Exactly the same with my dd think she’s going through a bit of an identity crisis at the moment! I agree they have learnt so many transferable skills over the years just need to find that passion so they can use them! Thank you , very best of luck to your dd too have a lovely Easter xx
  19. I will have to get dd to do the same writing down passions etc. she’s been stuck in a negative rut lately her school isn’t helping I think she needs to find who she is outside of dance. It’s so hard when ballet has been the biggest part of her life for all these years. Like you said she just needs to find that passion ❣️
  20. Dd’s school also extremely unsupportive at looking at other careers. She reckons that she definitely wants to come away from dance similarly she has no one to ask for advice as they’re so focused on company contracts. I’m sure we’ll work something out in the coming months
  21. Excellent news congratulations! Dd still a bit lost as to what she’s going to do after grad it’s so hard at the moment especially with the pandemic.
  22. That’s ok, it is important to share both perspectives. In this moment in time reading that no letter may feel like a heartbreak for families and dc but actually may be at your dd’s advantage in the long run. and I agree it’s so easy to be blinkered. Dd hated boarding was very homesick just wasn’t for her. If I’ve helped at least one family today that’s all that matters.
  23. What an amazing achievement for your DD! I honestly do believe those who receive no’s only makes them stronger and more determined. A dancer can truly fly without the pressures of appraisals at White Lodge, international competition and living away from home etc. although I am pleased to read that they are keeping dancers for three years now. Obviously every dancer is different though what works for some may not work for others. I know many dancers who have thrived under the competitive environment.
  24. Exactly the same with my dd. She knows of many who have been to a local school and an excellent associate scheme outside of royal who have gained places at the top upper schools over the girls at white lodge in year 11. Just want to reassure everyone it’s not the end of the world 💗
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