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  1. We are attending the U.K. audition next month for the Italy intensive.....anyone else? looks like a great experience although seems expensive compared to other programmes.
  2. Hi would love RB to retire Nutcracker and replace it with a new production that fits a world class company and venue.... something to equal the new Swan Lake would be lovely.... surely it’s about time for a new Nut at ROH???
  3. I think the only U.K. schools that offer BA courses with student funding are Central, Rambert and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. There may be others, I’m not sure, but these are the popular choices at our dance studio.
  4. Thank you Jan, I’ve just been reading up on many of the past threads and topics and I’m just wondering how I’ve managed to miss this forum until now x
  5. Hello My DD has recently shown me this and I wondered if it was worth sharing on here, http://www.russianballetinternational.com/auditions/auditions-cities/leicester-2/
  6. Hi there is this the link you are using to purchase tickets? https://www.rncm.ac.uk/performance/idta-ballet/
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