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  1. Thank you to everyone contributing to this discussion. All of the comments are useful and I am touched by your compassion for my daughter. I just want to clarify my original question: competition for places at upper school and companies is fierce, as we know, and as those organisations will have far more applicants than places they will look for any reason to reject someone. If two dancers of equal ability are going for one place but one of them is known to have - or had - an eating disorder then she/he is bound to lose out. We don't want to deceive the school, and clearly we wouldn't push our
  2. Thanks very much Jane for your informative and useful reply. It's encouraging to hear that your friend's daughter pulled through and went on to have a career, though shocking to learn that so many others were hospitalised. We are working closely with the school, which has been very supportive and understanding, though ultimately we may decide - as you and others suggest - to postpone things until she is better. Many thanks again.
  3. Hi Anna. Thank you for your comments, which make a lot of sense. We are thinking very seriously about postponing the next stage. I don't know how these youngsters manage this. The pressure is immense. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I'm sure you're right about having to disclose medical history. Many thanks for your kind words and support.
  5. Good advice and comments. Thank you for your kind words and recognition that she has already overcome a hurdle by asking for help.
  6. All very useful advice. Much appreciated and many thanks for your kind words.
  7. Thanks very much for your considerate reply. Yes, we are looking carefully at delaying upper school for a year. Perhaps she wasn't quite ready for the pressure of vocational school and a year back at home could be beneficial. Will certainly bear in mind your comments about disclosure of medical history. Thanks again
  8. Yes, it is pretty stressful - much more so, of course, for our daughter, who's having to cope with auditions, GCSEs and now this...
  9. Hi. That's very kind. She is getting help and has a positive attitude, so we're hopeful.
  10. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. Yes, she had completed the forms including the medical information before her problems began (or before we were aware of them). She is talking about it, rather than being secretive, which is a positive sign, so we hope for the best. Thanks again
  11. Our 16 year old has developed an eating disorder while in the middle of auditioning for upper school. She is about to be treated at an eating disorder clinic. Will there be a record of her illness that schools and, down the road, companies will see?
  12. Hi Jan. Thanks so much for sending me this thread. Some thought-provoking comments...
  13. We're wondering if Germany might be a good option for our daughter's upper school. She's 15 and currently at vocational school in England. Does anyone have any views and knowledge of the schools, particularly those in Munich?
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