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  1. My DD is first year staying at New Medlock. From next Sept her group of 5 are moving to Unite Mill Point for approximately the same cost. Its more modern, near Piccadilly station and a 10 min walk to NBS.
  2. Yes, I was referring to dance schools. Dd has a place at NBS. I've since found the accommodation is run by Unite, who seem fairly flexible on dates, although I haven't read the small print yet.
  3. Hi, appreciate no one really knows, but what do we think the chances are of schools opening normally in September? I'm also concerned about paying for accommodation up front.
  4. My daughter auditioned today. She was in the first row/group of candidates and was surprised the order wasn't rotated as those in the back rows were able to watch each exercise run through 4 or 5 times before their go, which is a huge advantage. Is this common in auditions?
  5. Hi, quick question on DaDa's. I understand how they are allocated etc but if a school has say 40 places, how many will be offered a DaDa? Appreciate there are no exact answers but is it roughly 10%, 25%, 50%? Thanks
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