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  1. Thank you, this is our 3rd year auditioning so wasn't sure if it was still letters in post or if they'd switched to email.
  2. Those who have heard back from earlier auditions, did you hear by email or post please?
  3. Thank you, it really is a grey area isn't it.🤔 I think we'll approach DC's current school and ask for permission explaining why they want to audition elsewhere, see what they say and hope for the best!
  4. DC is currently attending a vocational lower school funded by an MDS award. They would like to audition for another vocational school this year but we are not sure of the etiquette/rules around this. Surely the 4 MDS schools are aware this happens as children move around so is it a case of we are open and honest with the school about the intention to audition elsewhere? DC is very happy at the current school but wishes to continue auditioning at the school they would be looking at for upper school in a few years. Does anyone have any experience/advice about this. Thank you.
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