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  1. Thanks so much for all your comments, I just needed a little vent. i am planning on giving her a couple of weeks to see how she feels and take it from there. i think that peer pressure from non dancing friends and boyfriend are playing a major part in her decision. The social media argument was down to her responding to messages from strangers on snap chat, the argument descended into her wanting to be a normal teenager and announcing that she no longer wants to dance professionally. I am just so floored as she was over the moon about getting offers from dance school. She n
  2. My DD told me yesterday that she wants to quit dance, she’s 15 years old and is half way through the audition rounds for upper school (she has two offers and one audition left to do). The revelation came after an argument about social media. I though she might change her mind if she slept on it but today she is still adamant. i have given her numerous opportunities to step back from dance, in fact for the past two years I have tried to reduce her dance hours but she was determined to become a dancer and fought to keep her dance. She dropped the bombshell th
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