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  1. I thought it a marvellous evening of dance. I wasn’t familiar with the opening piece but found it very moving. Brilliant to see Watson on stage again - I do love Woolf Works and his performance is such a big part of why. I thought Naghdi looked on fine form, positively sizzling in fact, and enjoyed Magri/Ball too. But overall it was just such a joy to see the company back on stage. Already looking forward to watching it again.
  2. Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help me identify the company in this photo. According to the photographer Lee Miller it shows the ‘Russian Ballet’ and was taken in 1941. Any help very much appreciated!
  3. Really interesting. Thank you Ivy Lin. Please keep posting your reviews!
  4. Absolutely fascinating! Thank you Ivy Lin. I hope your ankle heals quickly.
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