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  1. We had to chase the auditions team for ours, despite refreshing my junk and inbox every 10mins for the last week I’d apparently missed it rather than they’d omitted to send it 🙄🤣
  2. Still no email from Birmingham audition for us... should I be worried or patient?
  3. Nothing yet for us but very sorry to hear your news 😞 Hope your dancer keeps on smiling, dancing and chasing dreams ❤️
  4. Pancake Tutu to be used in blue bird variation. To fit dancer aged 12. TIA 😊
  5. Last year they got to perform the variation in the studio in front of the panel - no costume.
  6. Agree, usually my DD has a positive experience having gone through the process to for JA and MA before but had a completely different experience last week. 🙁
  7. My DD auditioned in Birmingham on Friday and really didn’t enjoy the class 😟 It was the last one of the day 3-4pm, the room was super hot and the male panellist was struggling to stay awake. The class was short and they only did 2 mobility stretches?! My DD read it that they took one look as they all walked in and decided that they weren’t interested in any of them 😳
  8. Fingers crossed and best of luck 🍀
  9. Frustratingly I’ve tried all the avenues I can think of Facebook, instagram, their website contact sheet and the email address they used to contact competitors last year..... An automated reply bounced back explaining that it was out of season so emails being checked once per week but that was almost 4 weeks ago now. Without the music they’re supposed to email out we can’t make a start on the choreography and private coaching slots are booking up fast for the next 2 months 🙄
  10. I’ve contacted PayPal to request a refund but unfortunately no protection after 180 days - entry submitted in July 🙁. Last resort, I’ve emailed the school that can’t be mentioned on here since it has such close links to the competition. Really disappointing 🙄
  11. We got our results this morning for a Y9 place... place offered but on waiting list for boarding. Also invited to the MDS audition in March 😊. A long way to go yet and if my DD isn’t offered an MDS place then the boarding issue is irrelevant. Good luck everyone 🍀
  12. Finding it really strange that I’ve had no reply in over 3 weeks. The competition is open to enter on the BBGP website but unlike the email I received in July it doesn’t mention at all the change in format. Really tempted to withdraw and see how the competition develops in future years. My DD enjoyed it last year but it did feel odd that 2 members of the judging panel had a big cohort orphans dancers from their own schools.....
  13. Yes as HopelessMummy suggests the Masterclasses will be held at the BTUK studios but I wouldn’t be surprised if they broadcast the classes on the internet as they do at the Prix de Lausanne etc... My DD was lucky enough to go through to the performance in the junior category but this year will be competing with intermediates which in my opinion was by far the strongest category in 2019 - what talent! Still looking for anyone who has entered and received music.....😊
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