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  1. Thank you for this, always great to hear of a happy outcome 😊 I guess my concern is that these places will go to Yr7 students whereas we’re hoping for a Yr 9 place. Did you ever ask or were you ever told where your daughter was on the waiting list before being offered the place?
  2. Staying hopeful that my DD will make it off the reserve list 🤞🩰 but also wondering if its still possible to accept the original offer of a place and try to negotiate a reduction in fees? Or is the original offer of a place without funding withdrawn if you go for the MDS audition? Does anyone have experience of this?
  3. Wow Congratulations to your DD 🥳 what a relief. I’m still trying to stay hopeful for a Yr 9 place 🤞
  4. No response but still hopeful I’ll hear back even if it’s a sorry we’re not able to discuss.
  5. Thank you for this Peanut68. I’m hoping to get a response from Tring about my daughter’s place on the waiting list 🤞
  6. Huge congratulations to your daughter - wonderful 🎉🩰⭐️
  7. Congratulations! I’ve already emailed to see if they’re able to give an indication; top, middle or bottom 😂 I realise that there will be lots of movement as dancers receive offers from elsewhere but if we’re middle/bottom of the list then I guess we need to move on and decide how best to use the next year. My husband thinks the reserve list is worse than an outright no.... I’m starting to agree 😕 Also do they put everyone on the reserve list?
  8. Received our result today. Reserve list for a MDS place, trying to stay positive but finding it exhausting!
  9. Yes Tring went ahead today with Dance MDS auditions. Parents not allowed inside the building but otherwise all as normal.
  10. We were there for Dance MDS today. Parents weren’t allowed in the building just drop and collect from the door but other than that all as normal. I guess now it’s making a decision as to whether attending is ‘essential’ travel.
  11. That’s the million dollar question! It would be great to have a realistic guide if only to manage expectations of gaining a non Yr7 place.
  12. In that case I would definitely consider Ballet Boost - held at Pineapple Studios, and run by Emma Northmore ex ENB. Super friendly, well organised and draws from the ENB and RB faculty so a good standard of teaching. When I’ve taken my DD my son and I have covered most of London’s key attractions!
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