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  1. We auditioned in Bath, MA first group in so my DD & I didn’t get those dismissive feelings, maybe because it was early? But I am sorry for the little DDs & DSs that experienced such feelings... However, for my DD it was the opposite. It was our first intro into RBS & my DS said the teacher felt her hips, held her waist, ran her hands down her hamstrings, held her hand??? Is this usual for an audition?? (as I said we’re newbies) or have we completely fluffed it haha... Either way the experience was positive as my DD didn’t mind at all! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Astrid said:

    Hi TKT! 
    yes I do understand this too! As our little journey has progressed I have found that we seem to come up against obstacles to thinking outside the traditional box so to speak...it’s so hard isn’t it! How old is your DD? There are lots of other opportunities for more ballet out there depending on where you are or what you can manage? good luck with your thoughts..it’s driving me a bit bonkers! haha...xxx

    Hi @Astrid - My DD is 10 & only started dancing this year but has thrived & has a real passion for ballet (although she’s a fab little dancer across the genres). How old is your DD? We’ve just started signing up to workshops & an Easter intensive with her current associate. I just have an intuitive niggle that she needs more regular / local ballet classes & another set of eyes. She would love to go to vocational school in YR 9 so we’ve only a couple of years to get the foundations right! Xx

  3. Hi @Astrid although I’m not able to offer any pearls of wisdom, it maybe comforting to know you’re not alone... I have different reasons for contemplating seeking another school locally which concentrates more so on Ballet. My DD dances across the genres & has festival / performance opportunities with her current school etc but we recently auditioned for Trings CBA & unfortunately my DD received a no. They kindly spoke with me (& without going into too much detail) my DD has all the credentials apart from an understanding pelvic alignment which requires more training. My DDs current school doesn’t promote associate programmes, vocational schools etc as I’m sure they’d prefer to keep it all in house (which is absolutely fine &

    understandable) but we feel like me & my DD are going it alone. I would like to think my DD could stay at her current school & practice Ballet at another but I don’t think that’ll go down at all well! Please keep us updated! Xx

  4. 4 hours ago, TinyNEDancer said:

    Yes, the one DD goes to is (I think so anyway!). The teacher is wonderful, friendly and talks to the children, incredibly good at teaching them in a way that they understand. They all get corrections each lesson. I was so impressed when we watched this weekend. My DD has learnt so much this term. 

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it sounds just what my DD needs... Wish us luck in May 😊 x

  5. 39 minutes ago, Crazylifecrazykids said:

    My dd loved the audition, she came out really happy, said she enjoyed it, they did barre work, centre work and corner work. She's never had audition lessons, we just let her have a go 😊 most associates auditions are in the format of a general ballet class. Hope this helps x

    Hi Crazylifecrazykids, thanks so much for replying, can I ask if your DD is enjoying Ballet Boost? Xx

  6. Hi - I do hope it’s OK to ask a question on this existing thread instead of starting a new one... I was after a little advice from those on here whose DDs have successfully gained a place on Ballet Boosts Associates please.

    The Ballet Boost Devon is local to us & so we’re very keen to see if my DD could also gain a place. Can I ask if the audition was particularly challenging & did your DDs take private audition lessons prior to the audition? 


    Any advice as always is so gratefully received :) x


  7. 3 hours ago, Sereia said:

    I’m so sorry to hear of those of you who haven’t been given places this time around. I wasn’t sure whether to post or not, but my dd was very lucky to receive a yes from CBA yesterday. She is over the moon and looking forward to her first session in January. 

    Yay 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done... Huge congratulations x

  8. 10 minutes ago, Reachforthemoonhitthestars said:

    My daughter was a "come back" for Tring CBA and she then got a place at BBAs which is at Rambert, Richmond. She took that place and has never looked back! Emma Northmore is the director and is fully hands on with all the children and parents. She responds always to any question you have. Excellent calibre of teachers also. She also gained a place on their ABA which is more elite and consists of classes of 8 (elephant and castle 2/3 Saturdays per month)

    Wow that’s an amazing achievement! Well some your DD! Lots of people on previous threads have complemented Ballet Boost, which is why we’ve applied for the spring auditions. It certainly gives us something to look forward to... Do you know what BB look for in their auditions? Xx

  9. 40 minutes ago, BalletBear said:

    Hi! I just found out I wasn’t offered a place either. My letter just mentioned the other programmes but nothing about auditioning again. Sorry for anyone else that didn’t get in💕. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any students who weren’t excepted into any associate schemes but got a full-time 16+ place at a school? It’s times like this when it’s all a bit disheartening and I’ve just got to tell my self to keep going! Best wishes to everyone for the future xx

    Oh BalletBear I am sorry to here it was a no for you too... Although a lovely experience, I agree it is disheartening. My DD would love to go to vocational school so I’ll look forward to anyone who can answer this thread for you. Have you auditioned for any other associate schemes? Xx

  10. 36 minutes ago, margarite said:

    She was going to apply again the following November, but got into London Children’s Ballet that autumn so her Sundays were taken up with that and then she got a FT place at Hammond.

    I do hope your DD tries again. One girl I heard of got an outright no for CBA then was waitlisted for RBS JAs a couple of weeks later which is no mean feat! She got into CBA the second time.

    You should look at Ballet Boost they have a very good scheme too x

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement. My DD is auditioning for RBS MA in January, as again it’ll be a wonderful experience. Yes we’ve looked at Ballet Boost as Devon is very local to us so we’ll audition in the Spring. My DD needs the experience as she’s only been dancing less than a year... I just wish her current school would offer more than 1 ballet session a week... She dances across all the genres but it’s ballet she loves x

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  11. 6 hours ago, margarite said:

    My daughter didn’t get a place when she auditioned for CBA in 2017. As far as I can remember her letter said something along the lines of ‘ blah blah unfortunately not offering xx a place at this time. But her dancing was of a good standard, so we recommend working on xxx and xxxx and coming back and trying again.’ 

    Tring send three types of letter, yes, no and come back. I know of people who have had the ‘come back’ letter several times and also those that have have turned a no into a yes on a second attempt - so nothing is ever a ‘forever no’ xx

    Thank you Margarite, did your DD apply again or did she move on elsewhere? I’m not too disheartened as she is with TLBC. 
    My no letter from Tring was apply for Tring Park Schools other Associates Programmes which I’m assuming means she needs more training? Xx

  12. 5 hours ago, Peanut68 said:

    Confusingly the names used by Tring for their programmes differ from other institutions. 

    Tring Park CBA is their equivalent of RBS Junior/Mid/Senior/Advsnced Associate programme ie. a part time course with students selected at auditions.

    Tring Park Associates is in effect their part time school in association with Tring Park  (same location, possibly some crossover with main school &/or CBA staff) 

    These I anticipate are to be seen more as regular dance school weekly lessons on a termly basis as opposed to the CBA which is more an additional elite add on to your local dance school training - a great option if you are local enough to travel there regularly. 

    In addition open to all there are regular courses such as Days of Dance in various genres across the year plus longer courses in school holidays so lots of options to explore!

    And remember a not yet may become s yes after more time/experience etc so good luck! 

    Thank you Peanut68 we’re very new to this so any advice & clarifications greatly received. Unfortunately we’re not local to Tring to consider their other Associated Programmes (as their letter recommenced). Reading between the lines of the letter, I wonder if they feel my DD needs more training as she’s new to the world of dance (although doing very well). I may email for a very brief feedback but I know it’s not always possible for them to reply 😊 x

  13. Results are out & unfortunately it was a no for my DD. Can I have some help interpreting my no letter please as I’ve read this in previous threads? It says “Unfortunately DD was not able to gain a place on our programme this time, they have a large number of applicants & very few places to offer” it then goes onto read “Please do look at our Tring School website as we have many excellent Associated Programmes on offer”... Is this a standard forever no? 

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  14. Overmyhead - I think we have the Tring bug too! My DD thinks the audition went very well (largely because she smiled her way through & enjoyed herself), I just gently reassured her that if it’s not the right time now, there will be more opportunities to audition again... 


    Thanks Anna C, I’ve read previous posts on your fondness of Tring, it’s very reassuring to such an unfamiliar world to me us. 

    BalletBear! I’m so pleased you loved your audition too. My DD said some areas she was unsure on & she did say 1 or 2 were more advanced / confident but she smiled her way through - I can’t ask anymore, bless her. All the very best of luck to you. Do you know how many places are available? On previous threads it’s something like an estimate of 100 dancers for 10 places? Xx


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  15. Bless your heart BalletBear! Thank you so much for your kindness & encouragement... That’s brilliant advise ‘Show off your Spark’ because you can’t teach that! I’ll make sure my DD sprinkles her sparkles... We both wish you lots of luck for tomorrows audition too. My DD will be in group 3 at 12 O’clock. Again wishing you lots of luck xxx

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