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  1. We auditioned in Bath, MA first group in so my DD & I didn’t get those dismissive feelings, maybe because it was early? But I am sorry for the little DDs & DSs that experienced such feelings... However, for my DD it was the opposite. It was our first intro into RBS & my DS said the teacher felt her hips, held her waist, ran her hands down her hamstrings, held her hand??? Is this usual for an audition?? (as I said we’re newbies) or have we completely fluffed it haha... Either way the experience was positive as my DD didn’t mind at all!
  2. Hi @sunrise81 we were told at Bath MAs today that we would know in April x
  3. Hello, my DDs auditioning tomorrow for RBS MA & or YR 7 place... We’re being optimistic but realistic also... It’s good to dream a dream ☺️ Good luck to all x
  4. Hi @Astrid - My DD is 10 & only started dancing this year but has thrived & has a real passion for ballet (although she’s a fab little dancer across the genres). How old is your DD? We’ve just started signing up to workshops & an Easter intensive with her current associate. I just have an intuitive niggle that she needs more regular / local ballet classes & another set of eyes. She would love to go to vocational school in YR 9 so we’ve only a couple of years to get the foundations right! Xx
  5. Hi @Astrid although I’m not able to offer any pearls of wisdom, it maybe comforting to know you’re not alone... I have different reasons for contemplating seeking another school locally which concentrates more so on Ballet. My DD dances across the genres & has festival / performance opportunities with her current school etc but we recently auditioned for Trings CBA & unfortunately my DD received a no. They kindly spoke with me (& without going into too much detail) my DD has all the credentials apart from an understanding pelvic alignment which requires more training. My DDs current school doesn’t promote associate programmes, vocational schools etc as I’m sure they’d prefer to keep it all in house (which is absolutely fine & understandable) but we feel like me & my DD are going it alone. I would like to think my DD could stay at her current school & practice Ballet at another but I don’t think that’ll go down at all well! Please keep us updated! Xx
  6. Thank you @Crystaltips Did your DD audition for BB & if so, do you know what was expected of her? My DD is 10.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience, it sounds just what my DD needs... Wish us luck in May 😊 x
  8. Hi TinyNEDDancer... Thank you so much for replying. We do a similar journey to TLBC one Sunday a month but it’s so worth it! Can I ask with Ballet Boost, is it a lesson style associate class where they teach & correct? Xx
  9. Hi Crazylifecrazykids, thanks so much for replying, can I ask if your DD is enjoying Ballet Boost? Xx
  10. Hi - I do hope it’s OK to ask a question on this existing thread instead of starting a new one... I was after a little advice from those on here whose DDs have successfully gained a place on Ballet Boosts Associates please. The Ballet Boost Devon is local to us & so we’re very keen to see if my DD could also gain a place. Can I ask if the audition was particularly challenging & did your DDs take private audition lessons prior to the audition? Any advice as always is so gratefully received x
  11. Yay 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done... Huge congratulations x
  12. Wow that’s an amazing achievement! Well some your DD! Lots of people on previous threads have complemented Ballet Boost, which is why we’ve applied for the spring auditions. It certainly gives us something to look forward to... Do you know what BB look for in their auditions? Xx
  13. Oh BalletBear I am sorry to here it was a no for you too... Although a lovely experience, I agree it is disheartening. My DD would love to go to vocational school so I’ll look forward to anyone who can answer this thread for you. Have you auditioned for any other associate schemes? Xx
  14. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement. My DD is auditioning for RBS MA in January, as again it’ll be a wonderful experience. Yes we’ve looked at Ballet Boost as Devon is very local to us so we’ll audition in the Spring. My DD needs the experience as she’s only been dancing less than a year... I just wish her current school would offer more than 1 ballet session a week... She dances across all the genres but it’s ballet she loves x
  15. Thank you Margarite, did your DD apply again or did she move on elsewhere? I’m not too disheartened as she is with TLBC. My no letter from Tring was apply for Tring Park Schools other Associates Programmes which I’m assuming means she needs more training? Xx
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