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  1. Single tickets only isn’t equitable as it precludes families. To maintain 1.5 or 2 metres between single seats would presumably reduce the capacity to what, a quarter? Ideally they’d have a dynamic booking system like they have at cinemas. I haven’t seen inside the socially distanced ROH, do they not allocate many single tickets? I had tickets for Christmas but then London went into tier 4 and our hopes were dashed!
  2. It’s a difficult issue and I do think there are too many university places, some of which aren’t very high value. One or two of the dance institutions have also been a bit controversial in that regard (perhaps can’t be discussed on the forum though!). STEM subjects are not immune either, I suspect the funding will stretch over an increase in places so will be less per person and there are huge moves by the government to make healthcare professions higher level apprenticeships or cut back on qualifications. All a move in the wrong direction to me
  3. Just to say make sure you fill in the consultation document in the second link as they are duty bound to consider and report on the feedback received but I don’t think there’s any similar duty for the petition
  4. There are some plain red skirts on Amazon in age 7-13 for £2.99 each. Only 15 inch length though is that too short? Poor you if you have to make them all!
  5. Having looked at the consultation document it’s not all STEM courses it’s those in shortage areas, largely Health care. Is the increase there because they’ve increased the amount of places to cope with workforce shortages? I couldn’t see how many courses/ students the funding related to? Also an uplift for specialist institutions, does that cover ballet schools, drama colleges etc? Bit confused why media studies is in the high cost list?!
  6. Our teacher doesn’t advise it for the younger ones, the older ones might wear mascara and a light base, but if she doesn’t want to I don’t think she would look out of place at all. Mine always found make up uncomfortable for performances and would be rubbing their face and eyes!
  7. Are the boys also told to wear make up? If the answer is no I’d say it is not necessary at all
  8. I gave up and bitterly regretted it! I remember being uncomfortable in a leotard but a main reason was because I had very heavy periods. My kids are self conscious in a leotard and tights and are slim. I think it’s very difficult to stand in a room with other people and mirrors, And teens are often painfully self conscious as a normal developmental stage. It’s a difficult balance for teachers with ensuring appropriate clothing but I have no doubt that some kids give up mainly due to having to wear a camisole leotard and pink tights. I think it’s great when adults have the confidence but I can’t honestly say I could do it myself without spending a lot of class time analysing and berating myself for my wobbly bits!
  9. I think technique does sometimes suffer during puberty as they grow so fast, their proportions change (you grow outward in- feet first, then legs etc) and bones can grow at a faster rate than muscles and ligaments.centre of gravity changes. So it’s possible that it looks like she’s not as good as she was (think typical clumsy, gangly teen!). I’m wondering whether the teacher is used to teaching only younger kids and possibly not taking this all into account?
  10. I think this is one of those situations where the reality is much harder than it might seem! Girls are bombarded with messages about body image from all corners, and the ballet world is at the extreme edge of this. I think every 10 year old would struggle with being so different from their peers, and obviously being in leotard and tights makes everything so much more obvious. More consideration is given to older ones but the younger ones are often in paler colours with no skirts. It’s also difficult on a physical level as progress and flexibility are affected by quick growth, height and the changes of puberty and the class is probably aimed towards teaching children not adolescents. personally if she wants to be a ballet dancer I would not just accept the schools advice. Could they move her up a level? Are there alternative schools?
  11. The vaccine lowers your risk of getting covid by about 50%, it lowers your viral load by about 4 times so you are a lot less likely to get very sick or pass it on. On a personal level I feel ok as I’ve been vaccinated and I’m not in a very high risk category, but more worried that people will go mad and we’ll end up in another lock down! I’ve really struggled with this one and feel totally spent
  12. I think there have been a lot of presumptions made about future use of the internet. However, none of us in my house like zoom classes and we’re all totally fed up of internet shopping. We like the social aspect of actual interaction and getting some different scenery! the young dancer Instagram accounts seem to be mainly about getting free stuff and being an ‘influencer’.
  13. Coronavirus vaccine has been cleared from your body within a few days so I can’t quite understand what issue they are promoting? There doesn’t seem to be any mention of vaccines on the colourstart website and I don’t think there is any evidence that they cause skin sensitisation. I’ve never paid for a patch test at the hairdresser, £8 is an extortionate amount to charge for a blob of dye! I wonder if they’re on commission from the colourstart company.... I guess if you really like your current salon you don’t have a choice
  14. Perhaps the standards required now mean that it’s just not possible to take kids at year 7 stage if they aren’t at a high enough level. Perhaps to level the playing field the schools need to look at taking children at 10 like the Russian schools do. Or maybe increase the amount provided through their associates, which may be more easily achieved with some zoom classes. Some of the children starting year 7 will be 12 or near enough which I suppose is fairly late in terms of starting training?
  15. I think it’s become obvious in recent years that many, especially the girls have had extensive training and lessons. I think to some extent it’s gone that way whether it’s music, academics, sport etc. There are some exceptional candidates who will get through whatever. There are a lot of talented children with good physique etc and the ones who have had the top class coaching are more likely to get through. It would be nice is everything was just done on potential but I think realistically there are other factors. Some of the associates have bursaries for low income I think and you can work on flexibility, musicality at home
  16. I was told by the careers teacher all those years ago to think carefully because my chosen degree was ‘quite hard to get into because Asian families considered it a good choice for their daughters’ 🤯 it doesn’t seem to have improved since then!
  17. Can’t comment about ballet schools but I think schools in general need to up their game with careers guidance. As early as 16 you’re plotting your future course with a level choices and there is very little help and advice needed. I’ve discovered so many careers since I did my degree that sound amazing but I’d have to do the whole lot again, sure I’m not the only one who feels like this!
  18. That film was really difficult to watch, so brave and honest. There is so much denial int he ballet world. I’m sure it will be immensely helpful to many struggling in similar situations
  19. I must admit that I haven’t really bothered to look much this time and will just wait and see! The rule of six outside and end of ‘stay at home’ (continue to minimise travel) is 29th March rather than 12th April though I think?
  20. I just googled and couldn’t find any mention of an arrival, congratulations to them both!
  21. Can you get the correct line without a pointe shoe on Michelle? If you can it might be your shoes hampering it
  22. I’m not saying it’s based on anything other than wanting to provide for your child. The expensive associates, performance opportunities, summer schools etc largely did not exist when I was a child. The whole point of MDS places is to level the playing field, it’s wrong that parents are having to fund so much in addition
  23. I think there is generally a lot more pressure on parents to fund all these experiences and a lot more marketing towards young people nowadays. My goodness a trip to Everest would be the culmination of a number of years of working and saving and a once in a livetime experience for me, not something I’d fund for a 15 year old!
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