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  1. If a workshop is well planned I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the piece of rep to be advertised. Some people won’t care but others might like to watch the piece and get a feel for style beforehand, some might not want to attempt a solo, or a group piece, or a character dance etc. I wouldn’t expect an exact replica as it’s up to the teacher’s skill to adapt and make the choreography suitable for those present. That part needs to be done on the day!
  2. Could she wear a ladies XS? Pretty much all the big brands have at least a shelf liner in. Or a tank style with bra/ crop top underneath? Dark colours are much more forgiving too
  3. I keep looking at the mdm shoes but still haven’t bought any as they are expensive if they’re not right! I personally can’t feel any appreciable difference between a split and full sole in terms of support or strengthening as the full soles are so soft anyway.
  4. I saw elmhurst and ENB listed amongst the schools, presumably their British students were also free to enter? If the main aim is to win a place at a top school or company it’s probably not that attractive to students already at their preferred school. There are so many opportunities, including international summer schools which may be cheaper and don’t require missing full time training for. I also think British training produces dancers to ‘peak’ later which is in contrast to the schools entering the younger dancers
  5. I chose all the male winners but only Lin Zhang from the ladies. Perhaps I have unusual taste! I really liked Paige McElligott and Alina Taratorin, I was very surprised they didn’t even make the final
  6. Yes 406, sorry my mistake. I’ve only watched one session, but he was definitely my favourite!
  7. Is he number 206? Caught my eye immediately!
  8. I think there are lots of people who aren’t necessarily ‘disabled’ but who have conditions affecting the bladder/ bowels meaning they can’t wait very long or need extra space/ disposal facilities. Maybe they just need a few more disabled loos, even more so now you can just walk in off the street? Agree the ladies are not well sign posted at all
  9. Mixing primary school age with young teens is a recipe for disaster as there’s such a huge difference in physical and emotional maturity. It’s not necessarily just about perceived favouritism. As an adult I’d be happy to dance with teens but not younger and I’m obviously less flexible etc than all of them🤣 a class at a similar standard/ maturity/ learning ability/ commitment etc is likely to be more successful and more enjoyable and rewarding. Tricky for teachers to manage, particularly in smaller schools with less classes
  10. only way is to be on a PC with good broadband connection I think!
  11. sorry off topic but last years pairing of les patineurs and the concert was very christmassy and perfect for children (maybe not with winter dreams in the middle though!). I’m keeping everything crossed for next year! I’m not a fan of the nutcracker myself
  12. thank you for this, evidently I wasn’t the only one who got a little confused!
  13. I agree with you She was wobbly. However I disagree about the height, that move is classic cecchetti and should be lifted front, side, back at 90 degrees all the way round in that style. It’s harder to hold at 90 too. As Romany is featured in the cecchetti diploma dvd I think she was just performing it in the originally intended style. For me it would have looked wrong if the leg had shot up in second but things like that are just a question of personal preference I think.
  14. I saw the matinee performance on Saturday and don’t think FionaE’s criticism is unwarranted. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how out of time some of the ‘friends’ were, it really wasn’t up to the usual royal ballet standards in some respects. However as there were multiple cast changes I presumed that it may be due to illness, some of the dancers probably going on even when they were below parr themselves. I booked specifically for Anna Rose and she didn’t disappoint. She is absolutely my type of dancer although I do wonder whether she would be as versatile as some of her contemporaries. Megan grace Hinkis is not one of my favourites either but what I will say for her is that she appears to be a very dependable dancer, I’ve never seen a mistake, a trip, wobbles etc. does anyone know who the lead female in the character dance in act 1 was? Was it annette Buvoli? Whoever it was I thought they really shone!
  15. it’s free at the Opera House but practically everywhere else charges per item in my experience. I don’t see any problem with taking items in if they fit under your seat or on your own seat. I expect people avoid the cloakrooms because they want to make a quick exit. During the building work I waited about half an hour, I hope things have improved now!
  16. Went in two of the entrances at different times yesterday. Neither time did the security person actually speak until I thanked them and then the one did say thank you back (he sounded slightly surprised so maybe some people they deal with aren’t very happy about having bags checked?). The thing that did strike me was what a waste of time it was, they really don’t look other than a cursory glance (my bag was pretty full so could have easily had a large item in the bottom unseen) and would have been happy for my daughter to walk past with her bag.
  17. good point, I think it is just the RAD who do this? agree with the others that at 16 it could be quite a negative experience for your niece if they are mixing recreational dancers and those in full time training
  18. If the stage school kids hardly attend any classes they will still be paying termly. they’ll be supplementing your nieces classes so that she can be taught in a lower ratio of kids to the teacher. I’d see that as a positive! Also they are likely to be doing some dance at the stage school so it’s not surprising that they get better marks.
  19. The sculpted is cut down at the sides but would need to be in a narrow by the sounds of it. If you go on the GM website you can print out a gauge and trace your foot and send it to them (maybe along with pictures) and they say they can tell you your size. Problem with most shops is that they’ll try and fit you in whatever they have but they probably haven’t got your right size if you have unusual feet!
  20. Sorry I’m not familiar with classes in that area but I know there are some adult dancers on here who are. Adult beginners classes are always tricky as you will get more advanced dancers attending and I do think that can be to the detriment of the true beginners. I can appreciate why it happens as it’s usually a case of finding a class that fits in terms of scheduling! You may want to consider private tuition, although it can be a pretty intense experience and I’d look for someone with experience of teaching adults as it is rather different to teaching children. Good luck in your search! Ballet is a slow climb but great fun on the journey
  21. Are you only looking for classes in Yorkshire now? Northern ballet classes are mentioned quite a bit here, have you tried them? it’s difficult as an adult and I find that often you have to push through that feeling, continue attending regularly and eventually things begin to slot into place!
  22. ‘Wafting’ feels great, on the looks front I’m in the ‘less is more’ camp though🤣 I’ve done some of the work in a few different syllabi and I think the real ‘wafting’ arms are only seen in free classes and on some of the pros. I guess it’s just personal taste whether it’s something you like
  23. I learnt the definitions from my teachers Michelle. As mentioned they have access to a lot more than students through the cecchetti society and summer schools, short courses etc. There are regular ones for the vocational grades including adv 2 which include demonstrations etc so perhaps you could persuade your teacher to attend? Also when entering students for exams the examiner will feed back to the teacher if things haven’t been taught quite correctly. The explanation for the relaxed petit battlement I was given is that it’s much more difficult to lose turnout from that position, much easier to do a sloppy one in the pointed position! The pointed toe in releve is used in vocational grades but the other position has been practised (perfected?!) in the lower grades by then. Also that position is the correct one in the cecchetti syllabus for other exercises like frappe (flexed foot rather than relaxed!). I’m sure I learnt frappe with foot higher up on the ankle but it’s possible I just wasn’t doing it properly and nobody noticed! I was also going to make the same point as Kate N that the cecchetti society positions are voluntary and staffed by busy teachers/ examiners. The quickest way to find something out that isn’t in the usual texts is usually through a teacher
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