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  1. That would make sense as they test on Tues and Fri, if I recall.
  2. From the Telegraph (paywall; limited access with registration) The Royal Ballet: Beauty Mixed Programme, review: a stormy assortment with a note of perfection (telegraph.co.uk)
  3. "My ultimate aim — if I do my job correctly, is that when you watch a dancer on stage, you don't see the pointe shoe." Making shoes at Freed What It's Like to Be a Pointe-Shoe Maker at Freed of London (businessinsider.com)
  4. You usually have to self-isolate for 10 full days if you've tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been in close contact with someone who has it. You might need to self-isolate for longer if you get symptoms or your symptoms do not go away. How long to self-isolate - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (www.nhs.uk)
  5. Laurretta Summerscales & István Simon on lockdown and after..... Two ballet dancers on returning to the stage and dancers' mental health (gramilano.com)
  6. Cast change for tonight Anemoi Cast Change Conducted by Koen Kessels Cast Dancer: Mariko Sasaki Dancer: Leticia Dias Dancer: Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod Dancer: Daichi Ikarashi replaces Taisuke Nakao
  7. Marianela Núñez, talking about Sleeping Beauty & other things. Begin about 7:48 Front Row - Marianela Núñez, Charlotte Perriand exhibition review, Latitude Festival - BBC Sounds
  8. Insights: The Royal Ballet rehearse Anemoi 5 July –4 August 2021 Online only (doesn't say where online yet) Join The Royal Ballet in rehearsal as they rehearse choreographer and First Soloist Valentino Zucchetti's ballet Anemoi ahead of its world premiere. Insights: The Royal Ballet rehearse Anemoi (roh.org.uk)
  9. Related (kind of) https://www.roh.org.uk/news/royal-opera-house-and-covent-garden-partner-for-festival-of-creativity-roh-unlocked
  10. I asked about the seating arrangements and received this in reply: Seats will be allocated on arrival. The performance area will have rows of chairs.
  11. Not sure where to put this but another outdoor dance festival (via Claire Calvert, Royal Ballet) Additional Information for the Dance in Somerset Event - Yeo Valley Organic Tickets https://yeo-valley-events.ticketlight.co.uk/
  12. Did you dispute the initial £0.72 (x 2) with your credit card provider? If not dispute the full charge now and have them sort it out with Vimeo OTT.
  13. I really like this kind of personalized analysis that shows what contributions can "buy". The ROH doesn't do enough (or any) of it. It would encourage me to increase my membership except..... ........in skimming the annual report that £105 also paid for 20 additional people in the marketing department taking the total to 111 a/o 30 Aug 20. By comparison the ballet company lost 3 people for a total of 143 (Annual Report, pg 82). More than happy to contribute to the ballet but not to a bloated and (completely agreeing with FLOSS here) useless marketing department. Like many, I increased my membership this year to help out the company and now can see it was a waste of money. 'Won't make that mistake again.
  14. Controversially perhaps - yes. Use the ones you have efficiently and have more opportunities for your "try outs". Saves on the wage bill as well.
  15. ...and not as if any of the male Principals are exactly overworked - with the exception of McRae and Ball in in R&J (4) and Muntagirov in Nutcracker (3) each has 2 (at most) performances in each production. What's the point of being a Principal if you can't perform?
  16. Casting (sorry for taking up so much room but the attachment wouldn't) Romeo and Juliet Tuesday 5 October 7pm, Saturday 23 October 7pm Hayward, Corrales Saturday 9 October 11.30am, Saturday 23 October 1.30pm Kaneko*, Bracewell* Wednesday 13 October 7.30pm, Friday 22 October 7.30pm Naghdi, Muntagirov Tuesday 19 October 7.30pm, Sunday 24 October 2pm, Wednesday 9 February 7.30pm, Friday 25 February 7.30pm Lamb, McRae Monday 10 January 7.30pm, Saturday 29 January 7.30pm Osipova, Clarke* Wednesday 12 January 7.30pm, Saturday 15 January 11.30am Takada, Campbell* Thursday 13 January 7.30pm, Tuesday 1 February 7.30pm Nuñez, Bonelli Friday 28 January 7.30pm, Thursday 3 February 7.30pm (live cinema relay) O’Sullivan, Sambé Saturday 29 January 1.30pm, Saturday 5 February 7.30pm Naghdi, Ball Wednesday 9 February 1.30pm, Thursday 17 February 7.30pm Hamilton, Hirano Thursday 10 February 7.30pm, Magri*, Richardson* Saturday 19 February 12pm, Thursday 24 February 7.30pm Cuthbertson, Ball The Dante Project Choreography Wayne McGregor Thursday 14 October 7.30pm, Friday 15 October 7.30pm, Saturday 16 October 7pm, Thursday 21 October 7.30pm, Tuesday 26 October 7.30pm (live stream), Saturday 30 October 11.30am Watson*, Avis*, Lauren Cuthbertson*, Francesca Hayward*, Fumi Kaneko*, Sarah Lamb*, Mayara Magri*, Yasmine Naghdi*, Marianela Nuñez*, Natalia Osipova*, Anna Rose O’Sullivan*, Akane Takada* Matthew Ball*, William Bracewell*, Alexander Campbell*, Cesar Corrales*, Ryoichi Hirano*, Paul Kay*, Calvin Richardson*, Marcelino Sambé*, Joseph Sissens* Saturday 16 October 1pm, Monday 18 October 7.30pm, Wednesday 20 October 7.30pm, Thursday 28 October 7.30pm Bonelli*, Mock* Olivia Cowley*, Ashley Dean*, Leticia Dias*, Melissa Hamilton*, Tierney Heap*, Fumi Kaneko*, Yasmine Nagdhi*, Anna Rose O’Sullivan*, Romany Pajdak*, Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød*, Harry Churches*, Reece Clarke*, Cesar Corrales*, Leo Dixon*, Nicol Edmonds*, Benjamin Ella*, Giacomo Rovero*, Francisco Serrano* Giselle Giselle, Albrecht Thursday 4 November 7.30pm, Friday 12 November 7.30pm Osipova, Clarke* Friday 5 November 7.30pm, Saturday 20 November 1.30pm Cuthbertson, Bonelli Monday 8 November 7.30pm, Thursday 18 November 7.30pm Nuñez, Muntagirov Wednesday 10 November 7.30pm, Saturday 20 November 7pm (live stream) Naghdi, Ball Friday 19 November 12.30pm, Wednesday 1 December 7.30pm Takada, Corrales* Monday 22 November 7.30pm, Saturday 27 November 5pm Hayward, Campbell Wednesday 24 November 12.30pm, Thursday 2 December 7.30pm Lamb, Sambé* Saturday 27 November 11.30am, Friday 3 December 7.30pm Morera, Hirano The Nutcracker Tuesday 23 November 7.30pm, Thursday 25 November 2pm, Monday 29 November 7.30pm Nuñez, Muntagirov, Avis, O’Sullivan, Hay Thursday 25 November 7.30pm, Saturday 4 December 7pm Osipova, Clarke, Saunders, Hinkis, Zucchetti Monday 6 December 7.30pm, Thursday 9 December 7.30pm (live cinema relay) Takada, Corrales*, Saunders, Gasparini, Acri Tuesday 7 December 7.30pm Hayward, Campbell, Gartside, O’Sullivan, Hay Friday 10 December 2pm, Monday 13 December 7.30pm Cuthbertson, Bracewell, Gartside, Hinkis, Zucchetti Friday 10 December 7.30pm, Saturday 18 December 7pm Lamb, McRae, Whitehead, Dean, Ella Thursday 16 December 7.30pm Hayward, Campbell, Gartside, Dean, Ella Saturday 18 December 1.30pm Naghdi, Ball, Whitehead, Gasparini, Acri Tuesday 21 December 2pm Magri*, Hirano, Saunders, Dean, Ella Tuesday 21 December 7.30pm Naghdi, Ball, Whitehead, Pajdak*, Dixon* Wednesday 22 December 12.30pm Kaneko, Edmonds, Avis, Hinkis, Zucchetti Thursday 23 December 7.30pm Magri, Hirano, Saunders, Stock, Sissens* Friday 24 December 12.30pm, Thursday 30 December 7.30pm O’Sullivan*, Sambé*, Whitehead, Pajdak, Dixon Wednesday 29 December 7.30pm Kaneko, Edmonds, Avis, Stock, Sissens Friday 31 December 4pm Calvert, Clarke, Avis, Maeda*, Yudes Monday 3 January 1.30pm Choe, Ella, Gartside, Maeda, Yudes Monday 3 January 7pm Morera, Bracewell, Whitehead, Stock, Sissens Wednesday 5 January 7.30pm Calvert, Clarke, Avis, Pajdak, Dixon Thursday 6 January 7.30pm O’Sullivan, Zucchetti, Gartside, Maeda, Yudes Friday 7 January 7.30pm Choe, Ella, Gartside, Stock, Sissens Saturday 8 January 1pm O’Sullivan, Zucchetti, Whitehead, Allnatt*, Junker* Saturday 8 January 6.30pm Morera, Bracewell, Avis, Maeda, Yudes * role debut
  17. Box office opens tomorrow. No program as yet Stars of THE ROYAL BALLET at Athelhampton Sat 11 Sept & Sun 12 Sept Stars of THE ROYAL BALLET at Athelhampton | Athelhampton
  18. Clearly the Director at the Mikhailovsky doesn't think she's either. As for the ROH announcement, I think @capybara 's comment on diplomacy is spot on.
  19. Too late for today's links. Putting it here as B&R is the lead review but also addresses British Ballet Charity Gala and Northern Ballet The week in dance: Balanchine and Robbins; British Ballet Charity Gala; Dangerous Liaisons – review | Royal Ballet | The Guardian
  20. Nunez and Clarke it is T Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux Cast Change Conducted by Koen Kessels Cast Principal: Marianela Nuñez replaces Natalia Osipova Principal: Reece Clarke Orchestra: Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
  21. I saw that...and now the web page seems to be bouncing back and forth between the original and new casting
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