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  1. "In conversation" returns with Francesca Hayward Insights: In Conversation with Francesca Hayward (roh.org.uk)
  2. Saw this but didn't link as there is no date on it and the Find out more in our News & Features section. link doesn't actually have any additional information (but it may be coming) and the seats mentioned don't match up (i.e. the seats I'm looking at would not be included). Also the FAQ states We offer two types of packages. The first is where you can 'Design Your Own' experience, or 'Total' packages that include all the operas or ballets in the given booking period (subject to availability). No mention of Mini or Family (but may be coming). I wish the ROH would take down pages if they no longer apply. If we can all find them, they should certainly be able to.
  3. Packages — Royal Opera House (roh.org.uk) and Package FAQs (roh.org.uk)
  4. Some of the seat maps (R&J at least) have been updated and it looks like there will be packages available
  5. Related (sort of) From the Friend's newsletter.... (UK mainland residents only) If you’re in or around Covent Garden then don’t forget to visit our beautiful pointe shoe display, currently on view in the Royal Opera House Arcade. Did you know that The Royal Ballet dances through over 6,000 pairs of pointe shoes each Season? Rather than throw these shoes away, our creative community of artists and craftspeople have worked with some of the UK’s top designers to create the Pointe Shoe Upcycling Project. Designers ROKSANDA, ERDEM, Simone Rocha, Rejina Pyo, Halpern, and Liberty used pointe shoes supplied by The Royal Ballet to create bespoke limited-edition pieces of art. If you’d like to win one of these gorgeous one-of-a-kind pairs, all you need to do is enter the Royal Opera House Recovery Campaign Draw today. All proceeds go towards our Recovery Campaign. The Royal Opera House: The Royal Opera House Recovery Campaign Draw (enthuse.com)
  6. According to his IG, Valentino Zucchetti has won the SkyArts award for best dance piece for Scherzo
  7. The president of the organizer, Muse A Muse, is listed as Johanna Adams Farley, Senior Stage Manager at the ROH, who should know how to organize a show. Perhaps that was the best they could do with the time and space they had? Still, agree with @Sim above - that's a lot of money for a standing ticket.
  8. Looks pretty flat. I think "Seating is on a very slight gradient down to the stage." was how they responded to @FionaE
  9. If anyone would like to see what the setup looks like check @maymagrioffical IG stories (currently the 4th one)
  10. Perhaps in keeping with the era of the book and how Daisy has been portrayed on film (I don' t think she is described in the book)?
  11. Question for the experts - How much does coaching come in to it? After seeing the micro-managing that goes on in the (now unavailable) Swan Lake Insight, my initial thought was that if Alexander Agadzhanov wanted the Nunez/Muntagirov fish dives to be faster, they would have been faster.
  12. These are the booking dates for the Autumn season by membership category (add 5 hours for BST). You'd be a week ahead of public sale General: 24 August 2021, 4.30am Friends: 17 August 2021, 4.30am Young Friends: 17 August 2021, 4.30am Friends+: 12 August 2021, 4.30am Supporting Friends: 10 August 2021, 4.30am Premium 1 Friends: 5 August 2021, 4.30am Premium 2 Friends: 3 August 2021, 4.30am
  13. oncnp


    Looks like she came second.
  14. Odd.. the website says 8 PM...and they've never gone out truly "live" in the past. There has always been at least a 30 minute delay. Still, first time for everything.
  15. Based on Gary Avis post the line up has changed a bit with Nunez, Hayward and Corrales no longer listed to perform and Ball, Dias, Ikrashi added https://www.instagram.com/p/CRGarXNgHKh/
  16. They've made my decision on whether or not to renew my membership much easier
  17. How would less "opaqueness" create a larger audience.? Even the ROH doesn't think who is dancing is part of the decision making process. Of all the (admittedly fatuous) post performance or Friend's surveys they've sent me, I can't remember one (well, maybe one?) where 'to see my favorite dancer' (or something similar) is an option under the 'why did you attend the performance' question. And maybe they're right? What percentage of an audience, outside of people on this and similar ballet forums, attend becasue of who is dancing?
  18. Naghdi/Bonelli listed for 11 July SB. N/M on Fri 9 July
  19. Cast changes for tonight Royal Opera House Anemoi Cast Change Conducted by Koen Kessels Cast Dancer: Mariko Sasaki Dancer: Leticia Dias Dancer: Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod Dancer: Daichi Ikarashi replaces Taisuke Nakao Divertissements Cast Change Conducted by Koen Kessels Cast Morgen: Yasmine Naghdi Morgen: Joseph Sissens Winter Dreams: Marianela Nuñez Winter Dreams: Vadim Muntagirov After the Rain: Fumi Kaneko After the Rain: Federico Bonelli woman with water: Mayara Magri replaces Natalia Osipova woman with water: Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod replaces Marcelino Sambé Voices of Spring: Anna Rose O'Sullivan replaces Meaghan Grace Hinkis Voices of Spring: Marcelino Sambé replaces Valentino Zucchetti
  20. 8 July is Thursday - do you need Thurs or 9 July (Fri)?
  21. "....... and added a delightful new twist. " So apparently not just a retitle.
  22. Escape with us to the glamour and grace of Paris, 1960. Step into the studio, watch the dancers warm up and hear the piano start to play – a new show is taking shape that will be fit for the gods. One of the first choreographers to bring the ‘American style’ to Europe, the legendary Gene Kelly was invited to create an original work for the Paris Opera Ballet in 1960. Dancing the lead role of Aphrodite was the ‘Étoile’ of Paris, Claude Bessy, who had worked with Kelly in Hollywood and encouraged him across the Atlantic. His jazzy, joyful Pas de Dieux was highly acclaimed at the time as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and has now been given a new set of wings for its UK premiere. In collaboration with Kelly’s widow, Patricia Ward Kelly, Scottish Ballet’s CEO/Artistic Director Christopher Hampson and designer Lez Brotherston (The Snow Queen, The Secret Theatre) have lovingly revived the original ballet and added a delightful new twist. You’ll be transported into the world where jazz meets ballet, and the stars align. Gene Kelly’s pioneering choreography and much-loved style influenced a generation of dance-makers, and we honour his creative legacy with this playful new production. Set to Gershwin’s effortlessly cool Concerto in F, with extracts from Chopin; Starstruck is exactly the evening of entertainment you’ve been longing for. Starstruck | Scottish Ballet If you'd like to donate Support us | Scottish Ballet
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