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  1. Same in the stalls....the only usher I saw was the one who, at the second interval, told the two women in my row they couldn't bring their beers into the auditorium - the beers they brought in after the first interval.
  2. Doesn't look like it 2. Terms and conditions of exchange 2.1.  Tickets may only be exchanged via the Royal Opera House and into an account credit up to 24 hours before your original scheduled performance start time. We are unable to exchange tickets to another ROH production. 2.2.  The Royal Opera House charges an administration fee of £4 per ticket. A Royal Opera House account credit will be issued to the value of the tickets exchanged (minus administration fees).
  3. According to ROH "Calendar View" (which appears to be working) WBD will be available through 18 Nov.
  4. Just saw a note that the ROH booking site is down..... Alert (16/10/21 22:30 BST): Due to a technical fault ticket sales and account management are not currently possible on the site. We hope to resolve this problem as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. Maybe but my US based computer always shows correct UK times for My Upcoming Events.
  6. Perhaps this a glitch in the new "purchase path" mentioned above. Doesn't bode well for the opening of Swan Lake booking on Tuesday.
  7. and from Marianela Nunez IG (via Google Translate) one of my favorite days is coming #worldballetday An inspirational day for all of us dance lovers and also a great opportunity for those who have never had the opportunity to experience this unique art "Ballet" and discover its magic. I will be rehearsing Queen of the Willis (this was the surprise I mentioned a few days ago 🤍) with Dame Monica Mason A role that I adore and that is full of artistic, technical and physical challenges. That is why I have decided to reinterpret him (thanks to my director Kevin O'Hare for giving me this opportunity) and also to have the opportunity to rehearse with Monica who with her great knowledge and artistic understanding makes the construction of the character a journey full of discoveries, of those trips that leave unforgettable artistic traces. Don't miss it 🤍
  8. From the Stuttgart Ballet Elisa Badenes and Friedemann Vogel as Tatiana and Onegin 💙 ,,,,,,,,,Watch them on Tuesday in rehearsal on our YouTube and Facebook for #WorldBalletDay at 3 pm (CEST) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVC_wNyqEQh/
  9. Don't know quite where to put this... Today's (15 Oct) "Live at Lunch" - 1:00 PM, Paul Hamlyn Hall - The free event features @TheRoyalBallet rehearsing Giselle plus a discussion about women's mental health in ballet as part of @CityLit's @MentalWealthFST
  10. Is it for someone who liked "Woolf Works" but otherwise doesn't care for McGregor?
  11. And Steven McRae is finally back, Lamb's usual partner.
  12. and you may completely love it...I wouldn't let a few less-than-enthusiastic opinions put you off (including mine). I'm also booked to see it again next Friday and it may be a completely different experience. And I wouldn't judge chemistry on the first performance.
  13. The gentleman next to me slept through much of the first two acts (including the Dance of the Knights with the orchestra at full blast) but didn't snore so no problem unlike the fidgety woman sitting behind me who kept hitting the back of my seat and wouldn't shut up. On the emotional front, I got exactly what I was expecting having seen his R&J and Manon. IMO he doesn't "do" grand expressive emotion. And I thought he had a little trouble getting started, some heavy landings and just didn't look comfortable.
  14. He was barely visible from Row H and like you I only saw him because I was looking for him.
  15. According to Claire Calvert it was a triple Harlot debut
  16. My bookmarks to the page you noted don't show it either. It is linked from the "What's On" page Romeo and Juliet (roh.org.uk)
  17. Actually, I was just trying to see if they would do anything about it (i.e. did they care - apparently they do).
  18. Tonight's casting Juliet Yasmine Naghdi Romeo Vadim Muntagirov Mercutio Luca Acri Tybalt Thomas Whitehead Benvolio Calvin Richardson Paris David Donnelly Lord Capulet Bennet Gartside Lady Capulet Kristen McNally Escalus, Prince of Verona Tomas Mock Rosaline Christina Arestis Nurse Romany Pajdak Friar Laurence Philip Mosley Lord Montague Philip Mosley Lady Montague Olivia Cowley Juliet’s Friends Sophie Allnatt, Mica Bradbury, Ashley Dean, Leticia Dias, Isabella Gasparini, Mariko Sasaki Harlots Claire Calvert, Gina Storm-Jensen, Hannah Grennell Mandolin dancers Joonhyuk Jun, Leo Dixon, Benjamin Ella, Giacomo Rovero, Joseph Sissens, David Yudes
  19. I've never been charged an admin fee for taking a gift certificate but happy to hear that returns for resale will no longer incur a fee.
  20. I have notified the ROH in the past via IG and the illegal posts and in some cases the entire channel have pretty promptly disappeared.
  21. Casting for tonight not up yet but Claire Calvert has posted that she is debuting as Lead Harlot
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