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  1. Nutcracker streaming confirmed by ROH on IG. 😁
  2. They are trying to avoid further losses. From the RAH website re: Nutcracker This limit makes it financially impossible to stage a production of this scale, especially at a time when both the Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Royal Ballet have suffered losses of tens of millions of pound
  3. As I read it (perhaps incorrectly) the production isn't financially viable with (only) 1,000 people per performance.
  4. Click "Buy Group Ticket" then "Select Area" and it will give you options for groups of 3-6 seats - stalls and amphi only
  5. Bad news for the RAH generally (capacity 5,272) as they've canceled everything in the main hall through the end of Feb 2021
  6. Under membership, go to events and you should see this screen. Move over to "Past Events" and you're away...and 2019 wasn't there when I looked earlier so its still evolving
  7. The "What's On" section of the ROH website still shows the 2016 Nutcracker being in the cinema from 10 Dec (if there are any cinemas open). Don't know who was in it but perhaps that's what your thinking of?
  8. It has been marked that way for (at least) a week and possibly longer (who looks all the way down there? Except me of course 😀). I really hope you are right. I would love it to be a stream but it could be just their backup streaming plan in case they got/get canceled. London expected to be Tier 2 but no announcement yet.
  9. There is an option that says "this program repeats". If you click it, it pulls up a drop down that asks the interval and the stop date. One of those options is "never"
  10. Or some part of the "Essential Royal Ballet" DVD or a new combination of everything the RB has filmed in the past few months or a way to make back the cost of the filming the things in the first place? And the wording "The Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet will both stage All Star Galas, to be shown on BBC Four" "will both stage" almost sounds like it might be new. Too much to hope for though.
  11. 2020 Digital Season Launches Today Five world premieres The day has arrived! We are thrilled to announce the world premiere release dates for our digital season, a series of five original dance films that will be available to rent via Ballet on Demand, part of our new video platform ENB at Home. Opening the digital season today on 23 November is Take Five Blues a high-spirited film choreographed by English National Ballet’s own Associate Choreographer Stina Quagebeur and created in collaboration with filmmaker Shaun James Grant. Inspired by Nigel Kennedy’s takes on Bach’s Vivace a
  12. Just saw that as well - they had added a group bookings option earlier this morning so hopefully just tweaking the page.....
  13. "A Christmas Carol" with Dance..... "In a daring twist of format, characters are portrayed by dancers and voiced by an eclectic cast of the world’s most recognisable actors. " https://www.achristmascarol2020.film/?country=united-kingdom#dancer-bios
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