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  1. The highlights are still available BBC iPlayer - Royal Ballet All-Star Gala All times approximate Takada/Campbell- Rhapsody – 19:40 Kaneko/Clarke – In our Wishes – 24:20 Takada/Watson/Richardson – Woolf Works – 47:45
  2. Pleased to be able to see Marianela Nunez Myrtha on the live stream as well as her Giselle in person
  3. You can't come in the building but no ban on standing on Floral St., as it is a public street. There was a small crowd last night.
  4. Good point. I recall Kevin O'Hare taking pains to deny he had poached a Lead Principal from the ENB some years back. Perhaps this is a discreet way of judging interest. But like you I would hope the company had been informed first.
  5. Is Romeo required to be "hot blooded"? Surely there is room for interpretation of the role. Why else have multiple casts if not to let everyone bring something new and/or different? IMO of course (other equally valid opinions available) his innocent-first-time-in-love is no more or less valid than someone else' hot blooded. And the harlots were fabulous. I just wish they could have stayed for the curtain call to get the ovation they deserved. \
  6. But at least the ROH stopped trying to make the announcement over the crowd din during the interval but waited until the lights came down....
  7. Same in the stalls....the only usher I saw was the one who, at the second interval, told the two women in my row they couldn't bring their beers into the auditorium - the beers they brought in after the first interval.
  8. Doesn't look like it 2. Terms and conditions of exchange 2.1.  Tickets may only be exchanged via the Royal Opera House and into an account credit up to 24 hours before your original scheduled performance start time. We are unable to exchange tickets to another ROH production. 2.2.  The Royal Opera House charges an administration fee of £4 per ticket. A Royal Opera House account credit will be issued to the value of the tickets exchanged (minus administration fees).
  9. According to ROH "Calendar View" (which appears to be working) WBD will be available through 18 Nov.
  10. Just saw a note that the ROH booking site is down..... Alert (16/10/21 22:30 BST): Due to a technical fault ticket sales and account management are not currently possible on the site. We hope to resolve this problem as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.
  11. Maybe but my US based computer always shows correct UK times for My Upcoming Events.
  12. Perhaps this a glitch in the new "purchase path" mentioned above. Doesn't bode well for the opening of Swan Lake booking on Tuesday.
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