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  1. Hi, I think I still have: 9501 - Viola 9502 - White 9502 - Grenat I need to check when I get home tonight though but 90% sure those are the ones left.
  2. I agree with Jane, if your DD loves dance do suggest that she try for other associate schemes too. They are all different and she might find that she enjoys another one even more than Royal. My DD auditioned for about 5 and after all of it she mentioned that there was one where the panel spent a long time at the start scrutinising the children's bodies and feet and after this, it was quite obvious that they focused on a select few. This particular one was not her favourite as it was apparent to her that the panel were only looking at certain children, but also because the format wasn't one s
  3. Watching the PdL classes has been so inspirational for DD. Both of us have enjoyed watching the catch up of the live streams since they started doing this (from last year I think?). Yesterday she was listening to Elisabeth Platel reminding the candidates to "fifth! fifth! fifth! write on your bathroom wall, fifth!!!" in relation to when they land jumps or finishing their pirouettes. Last night DD came home excitedly telling me that her teacher has commented how neatly she has been landing her jumps in fifth - clearly Elisabeth Platel's reminder has stuck to her mind 😄 Quite sad
  4. I do think RBS look at feet quite closely, they may not require "banana" feet but they seem to look at how articulated and bendy they are even from that age. My DD isn't a JA but she attends another associates scheme and last year there were at least 3-4 JAs in her class and all had clearly and obviously higher arches and all had that "banana" feet look. Not generalising of course, but just in relation to that particular group, all also shared the same physique proportion-wise, and pretty much the same leg lines.
  5. The Grenat is still available :-). It’s a child size 10A. So is the Lilac 10A. Both I believe are in the meryl soft fabric. X
  6. I might have a couple of this stunning style Claudia Dean leotard to sell. Limited audition so it’s now quite hard to find. I just need to check if it still fits DD but it will be in colours Ocean and Peach. £30 each plus £1 postage. Please message me directly if interested and I will reply if I do sell them. Ocean worn less than a handful of times, the Peach worn a couple of times.
  7. I have 4 of these Grishko leotards which are now not available on the Grishko website - DLD1491MP in the following colours: Coffee (used twice): £13 including first class postage already Lilac - brand new: £15 including first class postage already Light Blue - brand new with tag, still in bag: £15 including first class postage already Light Pink - brand new with tag, still in bag: £15 including first class postage already This is the one that has a little drawstring at the front so can be worn with a pinched front, camisole straps are adjustable.
  8. All in excellent, pristine condition, most only worn a couple of times, at most a handful of times. 9501 - Turquoise 9501 - Viola 9502 - Lagon 9502 - Lilac 9502 - Begonia 9502 - Turquoise 9502 - White 9502 - Pink Opera 9502 - Eglantine 9502 - Grenat £30 each for 1 leotard, including first class postage. £58 for 2 leotards, including first class postage. £84 for 3 leotards, including first class postage.
  9. Anyone else at the London scholarship auditions today at Sadler’s Wells? First time for my DC and apparently it was a lot of fun. We were in group 1, 10-11am, and everyone looked amazing! Did they mention when results would be out? Truly not expecting anything especially since my DC doesn’t do any of the more famous associates schemes but it was a lovely experience nevertheless.
  10. And so the dancewear clear out continues in preparation for the new term :-) I have for sale: Ainsliewear leotard and skirt (matching!) - Tara with Victorian Garden Print, size child medium. Leotard bought for £46 and skirt for £29, worn only twice. Selling for £50 for the whole outfit. 2 So Danca leotards in deep purple, size child 8-10 years, both brand new with tags still on. One is from the Sara Mearns collection. Originally both more than £20 each, selling for £15 each. 2 Bloch leotards, both blue (one is navy, the other a dark royal blue), both with
  11. I have added a couple of Degas for sale: Red 996E in child size 10A (this was especially ordered in so less likely that anyone else will have the same leotard as you in a class or audition). This is a tank style leotard so perfect for those who prefer thicker straps to camisole. A gorgeous limited edition 9624, in size child 12A. Again, I had this specially ordered in a colour combination that I chose so it's very unique and unlikely to be exactly like anyone else's. Currently this is on hold and just awaiting payment but I have not heard from the buyer so it might become
  12. Hi, I think maybe age 8-10 years? They fit my daughter perfectly when she was about 136cm tall. I think Claudia has a size chart on her website with the measurements range.
  13. For comparison, my daughter wore the size XXS ones the same time she was a So Danca size 2, Degas child 10A, and Wear moi 8-10 years. The XS is similar to So Danca 2A, Degas 12A and slightly smaller than a Yumiko size XS. Perhaps a Bloch 10-12 years minimum.
  14. Selling the following gorgeous leotards, all worn less than a handful of times, most just once or twice for an hour or two each: DEGAS Degas 9557 in size child 10A, colour Menthol: this is the camisole style with a white zip on the front. Not easily bought in the UK. So stunning and every time my daughter wore it, I got asked a lot where it is from. Degas 9558 in size child 10A in colours Menthol, Iris and Camelia: camisole style with a gorgeous chest detail. Very unique too and my daughter has never seen anyone in the same leotard in any classes or intensives she a
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