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  1. I have always been fascinated when reading upper schools' graduate destinations.  But also the % of lower school students who get into their upper schools (for example White Lodge to Floral Street).  I also noticed that RBS seems to take in new students (often internationals) straight into their third year - stunning ones who already look company-ready.  What also interests me in the last few years is discovering quite a few former Elmhurst students (who didn't necessarily stay there) have had success in getting into big companies and other brilliant schools, including Princess Grace, a school that as far as I know has only ever taken in one British student so far.  It appears to be a hard nut to crack despite a good number auditioning every time they have their intensives.  In a way I think British students are starting to venture more internationally, some going to Germany, the Netherlands etc.  I really do think that more than the school, it's what students make of it.

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  2. I think it's a mystery!  And a bit of a lottery in the end.  Not having gone through this myself although seeing friends and their daughters and sons through the years, I can sort of tell that there is a certain type for each school.  Not generalising or stereotyping as that would be unfair and inaccurate but there are definitely some patterns and "types" that emerge.  


    It's tricky because I noticed that in the last 3 years or so at least, it seems like the competition to get into these schools have just gotten fiercer, as if classical ballet suddenly became even more popular.  It might be because of social media, I am not sure.  Years ago, I have heard of students who got in to these schools whose previous training would have been a couple of ballet classes within the week and maybe one associates class in the weekend.  These days, some of the students I have seen who got in to these schools were doing in excess of 10 hours of ballet within the week and even 2-4 associates in the weekends (and lots of privates on top).  It used to be you just went to your local school for your syllabus class and maybe the nearest associate centre.  These days I know kids who travel hours every week to classes and associates, not to mention masterclasses in London and other cities hours away from home.  It's now hard to believe that schools just take in kids on potential (and physique) alone when some of these kids they take in probably dance less hours now they are in full-time vocational school than they did prior to getting in.


    So maybe in the past the answer for all schools would have been potential, physique and facility for all three, perhaps in varying priority.  I do think now that standard at the time of audition comes into play.  Without stereotyping, I noticed that a lot of those who get into Royal have the feet, sways, flexibility and most of all physique.  Elmhurst are similar but are more open to a variety in height but are still largely very classical when it comes to physique.  I know some of the more classically inclined sometimes overlook Tring as being too "performing arts" but with just a handful max of MDS places in their dance programme, sometimes I think the odds of getting a place AND funding there is harder.  I also find, based on the Tring dancers I know, that their students are very versatile.  Throw them in a street dance, contemporary, tap, jazz etc class and they look equally as home and comfortable as in a ballet class.  This is reflected somehow in their audition process (pre-Covid), as it includes a jazz class.  There is a bit more variety in physiques but I find that this is not a bad thing as even if you don't have banana feet or swaybacks, you won't feel like you're at a disadvantage.  From friends who've gone through the audition process of all 3 schools, it also seems like Tring already looks for artistry at this stage - there is a solo and the audition classes were apparently more tricky (with pirouettes etc).  This is also reflected in their CBA scheme, the classes I heard are quite different from JAs or Young Dancers.  For example, I remember they started pirouettes and turns early on, in the younger groups.  Tring students I've met are very confident turners.


    Not sure if that answers the query but I guess, really, no one actually knows.  Even the panel's choices from year to year might still surprise people as it can vary.

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  3. Just quickly glanced at the list and I don't think there are any candidates from Princess Grace this year.  Such a shame as their students are always amazingly watchable, with stunning artistry. I'm pretty sure they've had prize winners for at least the last 3 years.  


    I always look forward to the PdL, they usually post videos of the classes on YouTube and are always a brilliant watch.


    Also an interesting read is where prize (and even non-prize winners) from last year ended up going: 


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  4. 2 hours ago, Millicent said:

    Do they get more money from international students? I know universities do. 

    I think there is a residency requirement so I assume most if not all international students pay full fees.  However, certainly in upper school, I think quite a few international students are there because they won scholarships in competitions such as the Prix de Lausanne or the YAGP.


    In recent years I have not heard of any upper school grads awarded a contract with the company outright.  I believe currently there are 3 females and 3 males who are in the company under their sort of 1-year placement scheme (RBS recently published their graduates' destinations). I do wonder how many of the current final year upper school students have been at the school from Year 7.


    I was chatting to someone who goes to an equivalent vocational school in France and said friend told me that the application process for entry at age 11/12 is longer and very rigorous in that offers are made originally just for 6 months or a year.  So it's basically a 6-month or 1-year long audition process!  Talk about scrutiny!  Progression and retention is quite good through the years but recently, also less going straight into the company (although still way more than here I think).

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  5. I have heard of at least two who joined RBS Upper from Tring in recent years, and at least two who joined WL from Tring, so it does happen.  In relation to the standard of training, you will find it very fascinating that the feedback you'll get would depend on who you ask 🙂  As with most other things, it can be very subjective.  I would suggest speaking to parents of current or past students who have first hand information.

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  6. I definitely know of some current ones who were never JAs, although I think most would have been waitlisted at some point.  Also most who weren't, I believe, were international or from overseas.  We watched the RBS Holland Park summer show a couple of years ago and the programme had all the students' names in it, and I seem to recall that those who were associates had an asterisk (*) next to their names.  I noticed that as you go up years, the asterisked names became less and less, - so Year 7 had lots and by the time you get to the Upper School names, I think there weren't many at all.  Not sure this is relevant but it was something that jumped out to me at the time.

  7. I have the new Tring CBA leotard for sale, only used a maximum of two times.  This is the one used by Groups 1-3, violet colour.  Size child medium but is quite a large fit.  This is the new style they recently changed into prior to lockdown.  See link below for a photo of this on the official shop website:




    I don't think this is available directly from Capezio as I understand this is made especially for Tring.  Excellent, pretty much brand new condition.  Selling this as my daughter moved up groups so needed a different colour one.


    This is £18 brand new plus £3.25 for the belt.  Selling for £13 all in (leotard, belt, first class postage).  DM me if interested as I don't automatically see comments but get DM notifications asap.

  8. 2 minutes ago, BalletBoysDad said:

    Probably one of the most unfortunate factors must be restrictions because of Covid. There is a recent post on the @classicalballetacademytring Instagram account and it shows a studio with 9 clearly marked socially distanced spaces for students. I don’t know how big the studios or groups tend to be, but it’s hard to see how the groups could have expanded much for a fresh intake/expansion of the groups. It must have put a really downward pressure on the number of spaces. 

    Class sizes have been capped at 15 student s.  CBA classes don’t tend to be big but one group has had to be split into two for this term.  Another lovely thing (I think, personally) is that CBA groups aren’t by school year. So a group can have someone in year 4 and someone in year 7.  During the dreaded time leading up to full time auditions, should your child be so inclined to pursue this path,  I find this set up dilutes the shared stress etc that sometimes comes with associates grouped by year.

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  9. I’ve seen a couple of variations of the “not yet” letter. One said something like “consider re-auditioning in the future” and the other said “consider re-auditioning at the next available opportunity on...” and this second one explicitly stated the next audition date month.  This is going back more than 3 years ago so perhaps the difference wasn’t material but I personally know that the child who got the second letter did get a place on her next attempt. Could be coincidence but it was definitely interesting at the time. 

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  10. I have a couple of lovely Luckyleo leotards for sale, in size XXS (please check size chart on Luckyleo website first).  Very classical designs, in solid colour (not print) and lace.  Really stunning on but daughter keeps growing in height so sadly these don't fit her comfortably anymore.  I can send photos, please DM me if interested please, so I can see your messages right away.  I don't get to see comments as quickly because I don't get to check this forum regularly.

  11. I have quite a few leotard and skirt sets (1 leotard + 1 skirt) and bundles (1 leotard + 2 skirts) that I am sadly selling.  They are all excellent condition, some are brand new and never been worn.  My daughter continues to have a growth spurt and has outgrown some of these before she's even had the chance to wear them.  Quite a few are custom made leotards but are suitable for ballet and contemporary alike (nothing too over the top or fancy, quite a few similar in style to Yumiko).  The leotards include Bloch, Dansez, Roch Valley, Capezio etc.  I've tried to match them up with skirts from BSBL, Just Jess, Fredasilk etc.  Most of the custom leotards alone were £40 but all the sets/bundles I am selling range in price from £15-35.  All are approximately child size 9-11 years old although there are some variations, depending on the set and of course the child's physique, height and girth.  Please message me directly if you are interested in any and I more than happy to send photos and answer any queries.

  12. Having massive clear out and have the following Yumiko leotards for sale.  Mostly size child 14 (I would say these can fit are 10-14 depending on physique and girth) and a similar fit to Luckyleo XXS/XS:


    1. Daniela Velvet 
    Colour: Velvet - Antique Rose, Trim - Star
    High cut leg
    Not lined but velvet is thicker than normal nylon fabric
    Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique 
    Selling for £40 including postage

    2. Daniela Duo

    Colour: Top- T Angora, Bottom - T Ivory, Trim - velvet toffee 
    High cut leg
    Not lined 
    Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique 
    Selling for £37 including postage

    3. Daniela Velvet 
    Colour: Velvet - Olive, Trim - T Foli
    High cut leg
    Full Front lining 
    Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique 
    Selling for £40 including postage

    4. Marisa (classic gorgeous camisole)
    Stunning velvet 

    Colour: Velvet - Dark Blue, Trim - Lilac
    High cut leg
    Full front lining 
    Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique.
    Selling for £45 including postage

    5.  Anna Duo with velvet top and limited edition pinch front 

    Colour: Top- Velvet Silver, Bottom - N Silver, Trim - T Angelic
    High cut leg
    Not lined but velvet is thicker than normal nylon fabric and the pinch makes it even thicker 
    Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique 
    Selling for £40 including postage

    6. Anna Duo
    Velvet top 
    Colour: Top - White, Bottom - N Peach, Trim - T White
    High cut leg
    Not lined 
    Size adult XS (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XS/S) 
    Selling for £40 including postage

    More than happy to send photos if you private message me your email address x



  13. Selling a few gorgeous items:


    Bullet Pointe skirt, brand new never used in colour Plum (I think). Size XXS.  £25 including postage.


    3 Yumiko leotards, all a size child 14 years (but small fitting so could fit ages 10-14 I think depending on physique, height and girth).  The styles are:


    1. Daniela (sun yellow with purple trim and straps) - £35 including postage

    2. Wendy mesh (lemon yellow with white mesh capped sleeves) - £40 including postage

    3. Julia halter neck (retro pink with velvet straps) - £35 including postage


    Please note these are not lined, all have high cut leg line.


    Happy to send photos via email if you message me your email address privately.

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