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  1. I agree with FionaE that pared down productions might be one way forward, and although I love theatricality and opulence - gasp-inducing scenery and gorgeous costumes - the dance is the most important thing. This was brought home to me watching the three live concerts from ROH when the dancers performed on a bare stage, with the simplest of costumes - and the starkness allowed you to focus completely on their movements and the music. - I also agree with Sunrise that BLM is prompting widespread reflection on issues and practices related to racism, diversity and inclusivity. I was interested to read this on the ROH website - https://www.roh.org.uk/news/statement-black-lives-matter - which prompted me to watch Marcelino Sambe's performance and listen to Joseph Sissons' poem again - both of which are thought provoking and moving.
  2. Thought both couples - Matthew Ball and Mayara Magri and Fumi Kaneko and Reece Clarke - absolutely gorgeous and enjoyed the whole programme very much. So looking forward to being able to go back to the Royal Opera House in person. Hope it won't be too long before it's possible.
  3. I have just watched the Sun is God and In Her Hands and thought both of them stunning. The documentaries about the making of the films were very interesting too. It was good to see Valentino Zucchetti in the role of choreographer.
  4. I agree with previous posters. I saw this at ROH in February and enjoyed it then - but was completely blown away watching it again tonight. The piece really benefits from being seen close up and I thought the filming was particularly good. Lauren Cuthbertson is, I think, one of the best dance actors at ROH and she completely inhabited this role to devastating effect. Matthew Ball and Marcelino Sambe are also very strong dramatically, as well as being powerful and compelling dancers, and I thought the combination of the three of them was just stunning. I too was in pieces by the end.
  5. I've had all my refunds from ROH, including two where I had clicked on credit note by mistake. When I asked if they could change the note to a refund, I got a very prompt and courteous response - and the money appeared in my next credit card statement. I was impressed - it must have been a huge operation sorting it all out, complicated by people like me who made mistakes / changed their minds / sent emails etc. It hasn't been nearly as easy to get refunds from other places.
  6. Yes, it's an excellent letter - well done for sending it in. I sent some positive feedback to the BBC in the hope we might get more ballet on the TV. I loved Mayerling - thought the whole cast was terrific. It is devastating, though.
  7. I completely agree - a wonderful evening, topped off by Carlos - who still has it!
  8. It's interesting how people have different views of the same ballet and the same performance. I too saw Onegin last night. I'd never seen the ballet before though I have seen the opera based on the same source. I'm with bridiem - I think it's a marvellous ballet, partly because it is so tightly structured - no additional variations / folk dances to give the principals a break and the corps something to do - but mostly because the narrative, music and choreography are completely integrated into a piece that is emotionally nuanced, convincing and moving. For me, all the main roles were beautifully danced - with the characters well developed and the relationships clearly delineated. In my view, Marianela Nunez is always a joy to watch - and I felt she inhabited the role fully. I had a seat right at the front - so I could see every expression - and her development from a gauche, bookish girl to a mature conflicted woman was extraordinary. Reece Clarke had commanding presence on stage, showed the contrast between his glacial haughtiness at the beginning and his broken despair at the end very effectively and was a strong and considerate partner. I agree with Motomum that Francesca Hayward brings 'a wonderful lightness' to every role - and she was effervescent as Olga - well-matched by Matthew Ball, who just seems to go from strength to strength. He has always had very good acting skills, but to me his technique has developed exponentially over the last 18 months - and he projects more confidence on stage. Gary Avis and Elizabeth McGorian were, as always, superb in their roles. I thought it was a wonderful evening. I am now hoping to pick up a last minute ticket so I can see the ballet again. I echo those who hope Onegin will be brought back sooner rather than later.
  9. Loved this Gala - so many interesting, well-chosen excerpts from ballets I hadn't seen before - which were well sequenced and combined with video clips. I like the slightly more relaxed atmosphere at the Coliseum - though it is a bit crowded during intervals - and thought my £46.00 seat in the upper circle was an absolute bargain. I don't normally buy programmes - I rely on cast sheets - but loved the programme too, stylish and informative. The evening reminded me how much I enjoy watching this company - and to make sure not to miss their shows in future.(Is it just me or are the ENB men super charged?)
  10. Saw the live screening and loved it so much had to go to an encore as well. Agree with all previous comments about Fumi Kaneko - Monica Mason at an Insight session in November said that Aurora could be interpreted in different ways but must be radiant. Fumi had radiance in spades. I thought she got better and better through the performance - and what made her special for me was the way she used her beautiful neck, arms and eyes, her interaction with other characters and the audience and her gorgeous smile. The vision scene had me in tears - and I too was muttering YES - well done, Fumi, at various points. Always love Federico Bonelli and thought he was a gorgeous prince and a very good partner. Yasmin Naghdi and Matthew Ball were outstanding as the bluebirds and thought James Hay, Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Mayara Magri were excellent as Florestan and his sisters. I agree with Balletfanp, Gina Storm-Jensen wasn't quite on top of the LF variation, but her mime, her warmth and her lovely smile made her a benign Lilac Fairy. Kevin O' Hare could have made safer choices - but I like the fact he is prepared to give less experienced dancers a chance. As others have said - a wonderful end to the run.
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