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  1. Tony C

    Proms 2019

    Yes many memories of his Wagner and of that fabulous Jenufa with Mattila. Vienna Phil like Berlin Phil have strict control of their media rights so they themselves may not have allowed televising sometimes they tape things for dvd release or for one of the websites like arte .
  2. would love to take 12 or 13th Swan Lake please in SC whichever one prs59 doesn't take Thanks Tony
  3. Thanks prs and Bluebird it was the Friends thing that was blocking it so I just logged out. Many thanks for taking the time to let me know.
  4. Tony C

    Proms 2019

    I believe these may be Haitink's last concerts ever certainly in this country. He's been ill for a couple of years now.
  5. Hi I just clicked on the link but it just takes you to the booking page with the prices at their original level. Was there a code to use. Thanks for posting this anyway best Tony C
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