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  1. Hi Minoblade, Sorry for putting in my two cents too, but I am so sorry to hear that! I really do appreciate how difficult it must be for both you are your son. I hate it when feed back consist of things like "a difficult body", to my mind the whole point of being a teacher is to help your pupils make the best of what they have and help them focus on what they can change rather than what they can't. It really doesn't make for the healthiest mental health and as dance is about 80% what is in your mind and only really 20% movement, I really think there has to be a change in how w
  2. Hello there Folks, I need a little bit of advice.. I run a ballet company and associates programme, but I am really struggling to get the word out there about what we are doing. Obviously all the usual places (Instagram and FB ect), but it is so hard trying to reach people, especially when local schools misunderstand what you are trying to do and think you are poaching their pupils. The point is to make more jobs for dancers and give young dancers extra more professional training, in addition to where they currently train. It is really hard w
  3. Hello there Folks, New here to ballet forum so hello to you all! So I run New Works Ballet Theatre, a new ballet company based in Bristol, with the intention of bringing more ballet to the South West of England and beyond, brand new inventive ballets and retellings and creating more jobs for professional dancers. The company also runs an Associates programme, which I am expanding on. Are there any young dancers out there looking to train more professionally who would be interested? The programme teaches not only ballet and contemporary dance, but als
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