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  1. Thank you that’s interesting. I wonder if maybe the ‘school show’ element doesn’t carry to us ‘non relation’ audience members. I was mesmerised by Robert Binet’s Earthborn at The Linbury and very much hoping to see it again at Opera Holland Park so was disappointed when I realised the cast wasn’t the same.
  2. Thanks Jan. I’m a lurker...always read with interest and in the Doing Dance section.
  3. I watched both Saturday matinee and Wednesday evening at the Linbury Theatre and there were some cross over of pieces. It was fascinating to watch the pieces in different settings (some worked , some didn’t). I’m interested in how the casting works. For instance Wednesday evening the show was stolen by one performer in a contemporary/ neo- classical piece but that performer was noticeably missing on Saturday matinee and the piece lost its impact. Do the school showcase all students as par for the course or is the show run as a ballet company would be? I understand they are students in training but I’m interested in how casting works at that level? Are we, as ticket purchasers watching everyone or an elite few?
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