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  1. The kitchen worktop has been working well in our house!
  2. I can't offer an answer to your original question but just wanted to wish you luck with your exam and I hope you enjoy it. I too have re-kindled my love of ballet in my 40s so I would also like to say thank you to all of the teachers out there that support adults and give us the opportunity to do what we love, take exams etc.
  3. I don't know the official answer but the replies above seem to make perfect sense. My understanding is that as there are marks for musicality and performance, they like you to understand the mood of the piece and portray that as others have said above. I am another adult that does syllabus work - I did RAD grade 6 earlier this year at age 44 and like you, it was my first one since I was about 13! Good luck with your exam and I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Well done Viv, glad your ankle held up. Best of luck that you get the result that you are hoping for.
  5. Thank you for all of your answers and support, some really good advice here. I will keep trying and will let you know how I get on
  6. Thank you for the replies. Probably worth looking at my shoes Balletgremlin as I do slip down a bit (was fine when fitted and checked by teacher but changed over time). LinMM I've been back doing ballet for around 4 years now. For most of the last year I have been doing 3 hours per week plus an extra hour and a half private lesson leading up to an exam in the summer with extra practise etc at home. My teacher did assess me before we went for the fitting and said my feet etc were strong enough although I know my core could be much stronger. I do also take on board that I'm obviously heavier than the majority of teens, trying to lose weight though! Thanks all for the feedback though
  7. Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear that you've stopped pointe now. Good to hear that you also felt it was a mental block and fear though and it isn't just me! Just got to work out how to get over it now!
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips from other adult dancers that have gone onto pointe later in life. I got my first pointe shoes last year in my mid forties and am still struggling to do anything away from the barre. In barre exercises I can do most of them just with 2 fingers or even 1 finger sometimes lightly resting on the barre so it isn't that I need the support, I think it is more of a mental block. I'm in class with 13-15 year olds and they seem to throw themselves up there without a second thought, one girl last night was doing her first ever class in them and seemed like she'd been in them forever! I know you do second guess things much more as you get older and don't have the same gusto and fearlessness that you have as a teenager. Have any of the other adult dancers here experienced this and how did you get over it? Thanks
  9. Absolutely not too old! I did ballet when I was younger and then went back to it a few years ago. I was completely hooked again and wanted to go down the exam route so I did my RAD grade 6 earlier this year just before I turned 45. I also got my first ever pair of pointe shoes last year which was a proud moment! I'm not as flexible as I was when I was a teenager (although it is slowly coming back!), I get out of breath and sweat more than I used to but in some respects I feel stronger now. I have more control over my legs and my posture is much better now. I think you also feel more confident as a performer as you get older. The tricky thing is finding adult classes but I have a very supportive teacher that lets me join in with normal classes. I was nervous about being with teens to start with but they don't seem to bat an eyelid at me being there and have been really great. My advice is to go for it!
  10. Some really good advice here and I hope you get to the bottom of it as it does sound like there may be something else prompting this decision. Only thing I wanted to add is that if she decides to give up it doesn't mean that is the end. After a while, she may well miss it and go back. The door will always be open.
  11. Still a really good result so be proud. I got a really good pass and just missed merit by 2 marks. Was initially disappointed as hoped for higher but haven't done an exam for 30 years, am now in mid 40s and never did character or free movement before as only did classical when I was younger so guessing that was respectable! I know now what I need to work on so will get higher next time. Hope everyone else was happy with their results xx
  12. Well done to all that have got their results so far!
  13. My theory is that it keeps you young. I've had back trouble for about 20 years but since I restarted ballet it has been so much better
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