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  1. Yes I think it's a mistake also. Still waiting clarification hopefully we will receive that this weekend sheshe has YBSS so not all lost if it is a no xx
  2. Even more confused now! We had a no, as I said before, but then we got an email asking if we accept her place?! So now I have no idea what's happened. We accepted the "place" and I emailed them to ask if I had to pay a deposit or if there was any further info but I have heard nothing since. I am 100% thinking it's a glitch in the system and its a definite no, but the 2nd email apologised for the glitch in the first email!....So, now I have no idea if DD is in or out lol, I will see what tomorrow brings
  3. Hi. Has anyone received an email re priority booking for spring online. And if you have can you find the link, I cannot see a link on the email and it opened today. If you can, can you please DM me? A no for my DD but a yes from YBSS this year so we shall take that ,)
  4. My DD has been with Ballet Boost for 2 years now and loves it, nurturing, challenging and with 2 assessments a year -with excellent feedback to work with! She even had the opportunity to dance at White lodge with Emma recently, which was amazing and an opportunity money couldn't buy! I really rate them and the teachers they bring in are fantastic, still working in the industry (performers) and current/relevant. Emma focuses on nurturing the love of ballet and encouraging the individual to grow into and understand their own selves and their own love of dance, whilst really understanding their physicality (They have to study the muscle book). With the added option of Rambert trained contemporay teachers (I highly recommend the contemporary classes). And don't forget they have the ABAs, which they feed into, taught out of Pineapple; smaller focused classes, with excellent teachers once again. AND, to top it off, the Easter and summer courses are amazing, the calibre of guest teachers is second to none! Your DD will do well there I am sure. One other plus is they don't mind you mixing in another associates, you don't find that territorial thing going on at all. Good luck to your DD, hope she continues to enjoy every moment xxxx
  5. Hi..my dd auditioned a year ago now and has loved being with BBA ever since. She didn't do the auditions per se but did an in class audition in Devon. They expect correct turn out, artistry, love of dance, good posture and port de bras. My DS went in expecting nothing and came out having had a great lesson, being offered a place in Devon and London (closer to us) and the ABAs (many rbs associate teachers teach at ABA). She is in 2b now and taught by Lowri shone who is still an enb dancer. The contemporary classes in London are fantastic too and another string to their bow xxx And Emma Northmore is so hands on and so approachable xxx having had 2 assessments now, I can tell you they take much care to provide feedback on every child to enable them individually to grow as a dancer. It's not a standard tick box assessment, each child is watched and reported on, on their own merit, it's important to Ballet Boost. They also have no issue in giving ad hoc feedback. All the teachers are so approachable as are they with attendance. They are supportive if a child has other ballet commitments as long as you are open and honest and they celebrate the children who get other opportunities such as RBS associates, ybss etc xxx
  6. For them to dance from their heart. They do like good technique but it's about the love of dance and for a child to really go for it. They have a very holistic approach to dance "Nurture the dancer within". My dd danced for her life and it paid off. Look at their website, they love to celebrate succeses also xxx
  7. My daughter was a "come back" for Tring CBA and she then got a place at BBAs which is at Rambert, Richmond. She took that place and has never looked back! Emma Northmore is the director and is fully hands on with all the children and parents. She responds always to any question you have. Excellent calibre of teachers also. She also gained a place on their ABA which is more elite and consists of classes of 8 (elephant and castle 2/3 Saturdays per month)
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