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  1. @Happyfeet84 @Flower - the school will be stocking some of the uniform but it may be changing! At last years welcome “zoom” meeting Mr Searle said they may stop wearing the formal uniform and just wear tracksuits going forward, which I believe has been successful! My dd in y7 has never worn the school uniform, so if I were you I would hold fire on buying anything just yet and wait to hear from the school about what they are proposing to do! I certainly won’t be ordering anything new!
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding but assumed it would be for your dd to join - the current y7 group was set up by the kids for the kids! Thought it would be a good way for her to try to get to know the others! I’m not aware of a group chat for parents!
  3. @flower - there’s a current year 7 group with the children! Do you want to be added to that?
  4. @Crazylifecrazykids - there’s a WhatsApp group for year 7 you may want join!?
  5. @flower - omg how have you kept that quiet!? I think my screaming when I got the email gave it away! my dd will be going into y8 in September - happy to chat and link girls up!
  6. @Flower I remember your name too from last year! My dd is currently year 7 with @Betty’s mum daughter! Congratulations to you all and welcome to the Hammond family! 🩰 💞🩰
  7. @Ashnads massive congratulations to your dd! My dd is current year 7 - she was one of the students who watched the finals this year - your dd might remember her!? Happy to give any advice - pm if you want!
  8. @Dancemumk8 - this is a great school! We have no regrets whatsoever! Boarding houses are currently rented from Chester university and are predominantly 2-bed (bunks) and en-suite for years 7-9! Years 7&8 are on the top floor! Boys and girls have separate lodgings. There is a fairly new boarding manager and he is fantastic and is slowly bringing in new changes to boarding - ie better wifi, menus etc. The dance and academic teachers all seem fantastic and most importantly are very approachable!
  9. Congratulations - my dd is y7 and we live nearly 5 hours away! It’s a fab school - my dd was one of the y7 helpers! Happy to chat privately if it is helps?
  10. Please don’t give up hope - it’s still early days! My dd was put on the waitlist for MDS funding last year (y7)! The very next day she was offered the MDS. When all schools have got their offers out things can start moving quickly! Some of the current y7s were offered later in April too! Your children have achieved so much by reaching the finals! Although it may be disappointing news - they are still amazing and there is always next year! Good luck! As @Betty’s mum said last year was a bigger y7 MDS group - it depends on how many were on MDS in the Y11 leavers!
  11. @RachH @PurplePirouette finally received our results today after over 9 weeks of waiting (7th Dec) - one very happy dd she got a distinction!
  12. Agree with everything @margaritehas said. My DD was offered a place last year for y7 - she was put on the waitlist for MDS then and offered the MDS the next day! Things can move quickly! She’s a bun head too and was not a confident singer but has come on leaps since joining The Hammond. My advice is to relax and thoroughly enjoy the moment - it’s a huge achievement to get to this stage! If singing is not your thing do your best and give a really good performance after all it is a performing arts school! Good luck to you all!
  13. Wishing all you dc the best of luck! My dd auditioned for rbs, Elmhurst, tring and the Hammond last year and received offers from 2 schools! If I remember correctly final offers started coming out mid March! Unfortunately we never got to the recall auditions due to COVID! Luckily Hammond had videoed all auditions! My dd was offered a place at the Hammond and put on the waitlist for MDS! The very next day she was offered the MDS! When offers goes out places will suddenly become available - as some dc get multiple offers! All I can say to you all is be patient and try to forget all about it! The Hammond is brilliant and we are really pleased with this school🤞 🩰
  14. In 2019 my dd and her fellow dancers all had an appeal on there exams! Omg it took ages - exam was in June results finalised in November! My dd was always achieving high distinctions 90+ - when the adjusted result came it was still way off her previous result by about 10 marks even with the 3 extra marks given! But was still a distinction! Now wondering what this last (online) exam will be!
  15. @PurplePirouette I am so pleased you’ve heard back! And congratulations that it’s good news too! I was only thinking about this today! Fingers crossed we’ll hear back soon!
  16. @RachH congratulations to your daughter! @PurplePirouette were still waiting too! Thought we might get a speedy turnaround as my dd is at a vocational school - at least there’s no favouritism going on and seems all very random! Will let you know when we hear anything! 🙏
  17. @PurplePirouette - have you had your results yet? My DD did her exam on 7th Dec! I heard that those who did exams at HQ on the 16th Dec have had their results already! Fingers crossed that it’s a good result for your DD! 🤞
  18. We did a year with them! In my opinion it’s a good “taster” for an associate programme! Sophie was lovely and is a good teacher!
  19. @HollyLou - thank you! We still haven’t heard so guess it will now be Monday! I’ll message you! Cx
  20. @HollyLou - thank you for letting us know about the technical issues! My y7 dd is really excited to know! 😆 she can’t wait to start!
  21. @HollyLou - the email said y7-9 will share rooms and y10 and above will have single rooms! Supposed to be today we are told who children are sharing with!
  22. @Betty’s mum - yes we received the email about boarding too!
  23. They told me by email paperwork would be sent out sometime this week! Remember school admission packs are quite a lot of paperwork / forms too plus most likely being mailed out!
  24. @tutugirl - in my last communication with Hammond (at the end of last week) they said all details will be sent out after the deadline of 17th April - I.e don’t expect to hear anything until after 20/04/20! They are officially back working then! Be patient there will be some movement! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope this helps? 🙏
  25. @tutugirl - we didn't know where we were on the wait list until we received the email last night offering the MDS and it said where we were on the list! As far as I was aware unless you hear from them before the acceptance / decline deadline of 17th April then they won't answer the question of where you are on this list!!! Hope this helps? Wishing everyone the best of luck and hope you get the news you want! We have one very happy and excited DD! #staysafe
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