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  1. I just got excited as had an email from RB... thought it was offering a place for DS. 😭 😂 Although a winter intensive in Japan would be lovely...
  2. That sounds interesting. I’ve googled but can’t find anything?
  3. It seems unlikely that a place will arise on the SWL for my DS. Is there anything else that would be of benefit to him for this year that he hasn’t now missed the audition for. Preferably on a Saturday so as not to clash with rugby! 😂
  4. My son is a showman but lacks technique. 😂 thank you for the encouragement.
  5. And you. Just told my son and he was really please bless him.
  6. So I think is that three of us in this forum on the SWL for boys who will be year 4 in September and want London?
  7. I think so, unless I’m useless and got the wrong group! 😂 I almost don’t want to refresh my emails now... agh!
  8. When the lie on their front and bend their legs, knees together and feet out to the sides making a ‘v’ shape.
  9. Does anyone else keep getting their DS or DD to show them their ‘frog’ or ‘V from the knees’ whilst lying in their knees to see turnout? 😂
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