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  1. I thought everyone was same day. Maybe I’m wrong though?! We are UK and are Monday 6th for testing first and then welcome meeting. I can’t see anything on the email about start of term we’ve been sent about international. It’s says ‘all new Prep - 4th form’.
  2. My daughter wears the 9-11. She’s just turned 11 and I think it would do her another few years! The jogging bottoms we had to turn the elastic over in the waistband the first year. Sizing is generous
  3. Just wondering if the open day will happen now with Boris’s announcement this week?
  4. We’ve been accepted too
  5. Yes, it’s full sole leather they all wear in our Centre
  6. Yes, I saw some posts too and I thought they are either late or somebody just had a call.
  7. We are an SB associate at junior level - have been for 2 years and have been a previous associate at where you refer to also. Happy to answer any questions
  8. Maybe starting with current JAs first? Good luck x
  9. We have short waitlist too. Lots of us seem to be on this... wondering how short it actually is.
  10. I thought we might have had Mids news by now
  11. Totally agree here. My daughter is learning steps now that I wasn’t even aware of at her age and there was never the same push for flexibility!
  12. Thanks for posting this. A quick # search and my DD can see the other children that have been offered places. She’s been very lucky to have received offers too however now feeling quite overwhelmed and not ‘good enough’. We aren’t big on social media and I only let her have an ‘insta’ presence a few weeks ago following her continual requests. I should have timed it better in hindsight and delayed until all this audition frenzy is over!!!
  13. A really long wait! They have been on the ball with everything so hopefully they’ll be in touch sooner than after Easter hols. I know there will be a big cut so have prepared for that.
  14. The wait for MA results will be hard. I know in our centre there are likely to be very few moving on due to age. when do we think the results might be?
  15. We decided not to go too. The distance, late requests for tests etc
  16. Huge drop in numbers from JA to MA and it just depends on how many places there are in your centre as to how many spots there are. I am assuming this year there will be fewer as none of the current MAs were assessed? It’s a very long wait to know if you can continue particularly for those JAs that have already had no to WL final
  17. Good luck everyone!
  18. I’m sure they will. I’m a bit anxious about it whilst she’s not bothered at all! 😂 x
  19. Ah we are week 1. First time DD been away 🙈 She goes into Yr 7 Sep.
  20. Same as us. There aren’t many staying in that age group as I asked when I changed it from a day place.
  21. My daughter going to YBS this year too carrying over from last year. Are you going residential?
  22. Was there a fee to pay for the funding audition?
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