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  1. Morning! I believe there is a Zoom presentation re this today?! I don't have an email with codes etc.. Can someone can confirm it is today? Already losing marbles... Thank you!
  2. Sorry guys! I had braced myself for a wait across the weekend whilst they got the London results out. Good luck to you all!
  3. Thank you. Yes, we auditioned in Dundee.
  4. That's Dundee out. A yes for us Cannot believe it!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting and hugs for the not yet's
  5. Thank you I am waiting on Dundee. We'll be another while yet!!!
  6. Hello, Where are we up to with results so far?
  7. Too late now but we were in this boat too! Just joined the forum. Did you audition for BW Glasgow?
  8. Newbie here... We were at the last audition - group 4 for JA Dundee. We were told end of June for results. Good luck to all!
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