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  1. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has any information regarding the usual process with the Extended young dancers program. Do the dancers usually stay with the same teacher for the duration, or do they have new teachers each year? Are there reports at the end of the year like with the junior associates, and how long do pupils stay on the course, is it reviewed each year/every few years? Thank you
  2. Lovely, my daughter is too xx nice early start 🥴🙈
  3. My daughter is also starting year 7 ☺️ What time and group is your daughter in? Xx
  4. I know who she was now, Beautiful ☺️ Was so lovely to watch them all! Very well done xxx
  5. Was she in the 11.15 audition? What amazing news! Xxx
  6. Amazing news! Congratulations to your DD 😘 what number was she xx
  7. My thoughts exactly 😘🙏 I wish your daughter lots of luck and can’t wait to go through all this again for Mids 😬😜🤣 can now accept Northern ballet associate place and look forward to her attending her last year as an Elmhurst Associate. Good luck to all you amazing dancers and supportive dance parents 💖☺️ Xx
  8. Sorry Hun, a no for us also ☺️ I hope your LO will be ok and take the news well. I’m just so thankful the wait is over xx
  9. Really hoping Today’s the day for London 😊🤞🍀🤣 xx
  10. Love the curve ball they have thrown in there 😳😬🤣 I’m trying to tell myself it’s so theycan now get all London results out in one swoop today 😜🤞🙏 xx
  11. I feel sick 🤢 my nerves can’t take it 🤣
  12. Wow, Amazing news! Well done to your LO. Did you audition in Dundee? Just wondering why results have come out before London? 😬🤣☺️ Xx
  13. Hope she is ok, thank you for letting us know Totnes results are out xx
  14. Thank you ☺️ And good luck to your DD 🤞 my DD was group 4, auditioned in London for a Manchester place as she had appendicitis and missed her Manchester audition as she had just had surgery. She was just so happy to go to London and make the audition, it was a wonderful experience. Hope your little one enjoyed her day too xx
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