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  1. I was literally just coming on here to ask the same question! My dd is doing her filmed exam as I type and I was wondering on results time as last year it wasn’t great🥴 She did her last exam on 4th November and didn’t get the result until 25th Jan, so just under three months! Very much hoping they have got used to the system a bit more now and we might not have to wait so long this time🤞
  2. Does anybody happen to know who the teacher is for London JA5 (year 6 class, 32 weeks)?
  3. It was via e-mail. Quite a long one with five attachments; handbook for our centre, boys uniform list, girls uniform list (including where to purchase everything), skirt details and a sheet specifically for our class with times and dates for the year. X
  4. I’m not sure if they send all centres at the same time, but I received my information pack a couple of hours ago so hopefully everyone else will also have received full info today or tomorrow to answer all of those burning questions! X
  5. Eastleigh year 6 will be Saturdays 2:15-4:30 x
  6. Thank you so much, that’s so kind of you x
  7. Well, after what feels like the longest wait in the world and after a ‘No’ for years 4 and 5, my dd has received a very unexpected ‘Yes’! It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet even a good few hours later! To anyone who is reading this today or in the future after receiving a ‘No’, please don’t think this is a full stop in your child’s ballet journey. I absolutely wrote my dd off and have been telling everyone for ages that she ‘just isn’t Royal material’, even refusing to apply for the Spring or Summer intensives because I thought there was absolutely no point if she hadn’t even had a SWL for JAs. Yet she has kept persevering and has worked so incredibly hard throughout lockdown. She hasn’t stopped trying, and whilst it might sound cliche, I honestly think that receiving those no’s along the way have helped her become the dancer she is today. This will sound really weird, and I wouldn’t have thought this at the time, but I’m now actually grateful for those no’s! Keep going and never give up on those dreams! X
  8. No news here either, I imagine they will be coming out for the rest of the day now x
  9. Can you imagine😂 I was looking at PCR tests a few weeks ago, the cheapest I could find was £58 although availability and location do seem to vary quite a lot. There is a list of approved providers on the government website. If you need any help when you know exactly what’s required, I’m happy to pm you my findings.
  10. This suddenly occurred to me last weekend too. Last year, they released all of the year 6 results on one day then years 4&5 were broken up into four groups, so there were five results days in total. In ‘normal years’, it would take about 10-14 days for them all to be released in order of the centre auditioned at. So even when the results do start coming out, it’s unlikely to be done in a day (although let’s hope for all of our sanity that somehow it will be🤦🏻‍♀️) For that reason, I don’t think we will hear anything this side of the weekend now. Let’s hope we might be put out of our e-mail refreshing misery next week! Is anyone on here still waiting for first views/have friends who are waiting? X
  11. @Sassydancer I’m absolutely certain they won’t do that. As frustrating as it is, someone always has to be last and perhaps you are, for whatever random reason, towards the end of their views. I remember last year when the year 6 results came out, someone hadn’t had views until the night before the emails were sent. Then later in the process, for one centre someone had views the same morning the results went out. Hang in there and I’m sure your turn will come X
  12. That’s good to hear @In at the deep end, thanks for that. ☺️ I think @Sassydancer, @Exhausteddancemum and @SarahT were still waiting on views, have you had any since last posting? One thing is for sure, everyday is one day closer to knowing🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. @In at the deep enddo you still have friends waiting on views?
  14. Hi @MissEmily, Tring & YDA are both £45 each. RBS haven’t advertised their fees for 2021-22 yet, and I know in recent years there has been an increase in the associate application fees so I expect that even if we know what they paid this year, we can probably add £5/£10 to that price. I did look a while back at Elmhurst, I think it was around £50 but it isn’t showing on their website at present. I don’t really know anything about Moorland so can’t help you with that one I’m afraid!
  15. @PinkandwhiteLast year, my dd’s videos were viewed between 12-1 on a Saturday afternoon, and some this year have reported late night views, so I think they are likely to carry on through half term. They would usually have the 4 London audition days Tue-Fri of half term, so they will be used to working around this time. Still doesn’t mean we’ll know soon though! X
  16. Have you had views now? I know you mentioned at the beginning of the week you were still waiting, I hope they’ve been viewed now! X
  17. @Reggi, if you uploaded via YouTube, you can download an app called YouTube Studio which shows you all of the analytics eg how many views, when and how long for. Hope this helps! X
  18. My dd does two vocational school associate schemes and I would say most of those we know, if not all, do two or some even three. It’s definitely not that unusual, particularly around year 5/6 when attention is often moving towards vocational schools and using it as a way to dip into experience of the schools before choosing if/where to audition.
  19. I don’t think Tring are capped on how many they invite to funding auditions, so I imagine that anyone they think have met their criteria they will invite for the funding audition, whether it’s from an October or January audition.
  20. My attention has also been turning to this recently and I’m very aware that this will all come around so quickly now. In ‘normal’ years, Royal open their applications a day or two around 5th Oct (like they always close JAs around 23rd March) and I imagine the other schools are similar. Tring usually have prelims from Oct - Jan, from what I remember the usually hold one roughly every three weeks but can add extra dates if there is the demand. I’m not as clued up on the others, but I imagine they all open up sometime in October. Also desperately hoping for some open days, it would be so nice to visit them all. We have done virtual tours/ Q&As with two of the schools, both of which were excellent, but not quite the same as actually being there in person.
  21. Oh wow, good luck to all those waiting x
  22. I’m exactly the same, we are a year away from applying but this thread has really had my attention! I’ve been sneaking off at work to check my phone these past three days and I don’t have a dc auditioning so can’t even imagine what it’s been like. I am so delighted for all of the yes’s and waitlists and very hopeful that the ‘not yets’ will have other offers or follow their different path to chase their dreams. You’ve all been such a supportive group of parents, your dc are off to a flying start already x
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