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  1. Very good point there bluebird, your right! Good luck for next year if your students re-apply. Waiting for the London results is seriously taking forever!!
  2. Ahh I see!! That's such a shame!! Sorry to hear this. I expect that will be the same vibe for London then. Only time will tell I guess.
  3. Also a no for us for bath. But totally expected and really enjoyed the whole process. Now pinning all hopes on bbo Scholars results. Good luck for all those still waiting xx
  4. Oh no!! Not the results you wanted to hear bluebird?
  5. Sooner rather than later I hope!! I'm surprised no one else has applied on here........
  6. Stilllll waiting for London results. Hoping for tomorrow
  7. My daughter is 8, 9 in November, so a fairly oldish year 3, but in group 1. I wonder why she was before yours
  8. I so hope it's tomorrow my DD was group 1 for Yr 4 Congratulations to all the yeses today 歹
  9. Had a bit of inside info for bath today. A friend has a JA daughter going up to year 6. She said she knows of around 7/8 places available. However...... There must be at least 250 kids that applied?? I'm assuming it's 5 groups a day? Bath was two days... And in my daughters group there were 25 in her group
  10. Pretty sure there was a third choice on the application form...... Inless I dreamt it
  11. No problem. Thank you anyway. Good luck to your DS at Hammond.
  12. Were the same. Bath 1st choice, Eastleigh 2nd, Birmingham 3rd. Doesn't look like we're gonna get Bath results till next week now good luck
  13. Good luck everyone for hopefully some results today
  14. Awww that's so lovely that he's enjoyed it so much!! Thank you for the luck, seems like forever since the audition. Do you know how many spaces they usually have in the scholars programme or is it different every year?
  15. Oooh okay. Fingers crossed good luck x
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