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  1. Age 11-12 pet and smoke free home only worn a handful of times, as new. £35 including postage also Elmhurst YD leotard age 12, £10 including postage
  2. My daughter was still wearing it age 9 though, if that helps when purchasing.
  3. I’m really sorry this is already sold
  4. In either blanc or rodo matt lycra.
  5. Good condition, pet and smoke free home. Age 7-8 tracksuit top and bottoms, DD has outgrown. £20
  6. @Sandraspthey will let you know either way by email good luck
  7. Age 8-10 good condition pet and smoke free home £10 including postage
  8. Just checked RBS website; applications close 3rd Mar so hopefully won’t start issuing results until after that. DDs application isn’t in yet 😱
  9. I thought the deadline was sometime early March ?
  10. Looking for a sky or grey leotard age 10-12 good condition
  11. @balletboy8 how wonderful 😊 that is really good to hear. I constantly worry that the photos need to be taken professionally. my DD is also year 5 and JA from year 4, I took the photos myself with a little advice from her local dance teacher, she got wait list which we are happy with for her first application I’m sure your DS will love it, what a fantastic opportunity
  12. I’m sure they’ll send you an instruction sheet 😊
  13. Welcome @Yellowbutterflywhat centre are you joining? I’ll have a look back through my emails, I’m sure there was guidelines for the skirt, they are very helpful at the recommended shop
  14. The ones we have don’t fit great at all, we just followed the uniform list, may be different across centres and year groups.
  15. In Birmingham they are strict, no split soles as full soles work their feet harder. they were very specific on the uniform list we received. They all wear the same. x
  16. Sorry, no idea @Spamcat 🤞for you all ❤️💃🏻🌈
  17. My DD is a JA, her froggy wasn’t great at all when she auditioned 2019 so I really wouldn’t worry about that 😊
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