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  1. My daughter was still wearing it age 9 though, if that helps when purchasing.
  2. I’m really sorry this is already sold
  3. In either blanc or rodo matt lycra.
  4. Good condition, pet and smoke free home. Age 7-8 tracksuit top and bottoms, DD has outgrown. £20
  5. @Sandraspthey will let you know either way by email good luck
  6. Age 8-10 good condition pet and smoke free home £10 including postage
  7. Just checked RBS website; applications close 3rd Mar so hopefully won’t start issuing results until after that. DDs application isn’t in yet 😱
  8. I thought the deadline was sometime early March ?
  9. Looking for a sky or grey leotard age 10-12 good condition
  10. @balletboy8 how wonderful 😊 that is really good to hear. I constantly worry that the photos need to be taken professionally. my DD is also year 5 and JA from year 4, I took the photos myself with a little advice from her local dance teacher, she got wait list which we are happy with for her first application I’m sure your DS will love it, what a fantastic opportunity
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