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  1. Hello Sheila I have seen it. Thank you
  2. Hello. thank you again. Yes he is doing to assignment, not me. Im only providing the sources as this type of information is not easy to find ... he is only 11 years old. thank you
  3. Hello Kate. Thanks for the suggestion. Just bought the book. The issue is that I need this for my kid's assignment that is due next week. Do you know any internet references where I can find this type of information ? thank you again
  4. Hello Can someone help me finding literature where I can find the different head positions in ballet in the different movements ? and I think there is a difference for men and women ? thanks
  5. Peanut68 I think you are a lifesaver .thanks
  6. Hello Can someone point me to a source where I can find the movement tanliet ? or explain me what it is ? thank you
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