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  1. Thanks. We are going for the experience and she is really excited!
  2. My daughter auditioned for Northern ballet associates last year and gained a place on the reserve list. We didn't apply for RBS juniors at that time because of a date clash. She was upset as she was keen to audition particularly when she hadn't got a place. This year we applied for both as the closing date for RBS was before the outcome for Northern. She got a place which is great and she is really happy. We have since had the date for the RBS associates audition. Her teachers are suggesting we should still go but I am anxious that if she was to get into both this would be difficult. I know this is unlikely but wasn't sure of the etiquette in this case. Do some children do more than one programme? It is it better not to audition that be in that situation? Her teachers think the audition will be a good experience.
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