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  1. That reminds me of one my favorite memories of recent years. One of the group I was sitting with had brought a programme. Before the show started, we were sitting there, trying (and failing) to decipher what on earth 'his lengthy explanatory notes' actually meant!
  2. I'm really enjoying this run of 'Coppelia,' and what a terrific run of debuts etc. Agree about Tom Seligman's conducting. The music sounded great from where I was sitting!
  3. You're right - I've often felt the same recently. Some people are in their own little bubble, and only concerned with what THEY'RE doing, and their own needs. They are then furious when politely challenged.
  4. I did wonder if they were on something! At least there was a wonderful performance going on to try and take my mind off it, but still.........
  5. I had a classic this afternoon. I was sitting in Lower Slips Left, on an aisle. During act 2, just as 'the doll' comes to life, a bloke came and stood in the gap, which is against health and safety guidelines etc. I whispered 'Oh, that's not a standing place' in a calm way. Off he went. Fine. About a minute before act 3 started, his companion appeared. I put my hand on the rail, as she appeared in a very intimidating way. She then was virtually yelling at me about how rude I was, so I repeated, 'that's not a standing spot.' She then started yelling at me about my bags, but off she went. The bloke then reappeared, and started having a go in a loud voice, saying I was rude, I against health and safety, and making personal remarks about my weight (I am on the large side). It's not like he was exactly a pixie himself!!!' Other people along the row form me were gobsmacked at how rude the couple were too. Needless to say, I reported both of them after the show to both the usher on the door, and the supervisor in the Amphi. Sad really. It's a shame, as it was a terrific show.
  6. Regarding phones, I had a classic exchange at the proms in the summer. A woman sitting in the row in front of me had her phone on, texting whilst the music was playing. I asked her politely, but firmly to 'turn you phone off please.' She ignored me, so I asked her again. She looked round at me furiously, and replied in no uncertain terms 'mind your own business!' She carried on arguing the toss, so I made sure she saw me reporting her to the stewards during the interval. Good as gold after that, although I think my mum had a similar exchange with the same woman at a prom a couple of nights later. Likewise, she was reported, and apparently started arguing the toss with the steward! Unbelievable! We also had someone reply 'why?' when we asked to turn her phone off. As she left at the end of the performance, let's just say if looks could kill, I don't think I would be sitting here now typing this!
  7. I tagged the ROH when I mentioned it from my own Twitter feed. I didn't get a reply, but wouldn't necessarily expect one in that context. It'd be interesting to see if they were to implement any suggestion (I say in hope more than anything else).
  8. I'm genuinely curious to see this, although I think I saw Martin Yates is having a hand with some of the music. No comment, given what I think of his adaptations for 'Manon,' ,Don Q,' and 'Carmen'.............😐
  9. I prefer to sit on the left for 'Coppelia,' as you get the better view of Coppelius' balcony in he first act. IMHO.
  10. When I asked about a cast change slip on Saturday, the reply was 'oh, just take a quick photo.' I replied, 'not everyone has a smartphone!' I hope I didn't sound too harsh, and I would say at least some feedback has been taken on board by the ROH, as they did make an announcement before curtain up, but it would be nice to be able to have a sheet to read at leisure. Perhaps they could place the paper a little higher up, so any changes are easier to see, and make a note of. The programme desk can get very congested, it seems to me, as people are hurriedly trying to take any cast changes on board. Placing the note a little higher might avoid some of this congestion. Just a thought 🙂
  11. I saw the company dancing 'Jewels' in Berlin about 2 1/2 years ago, but saw Iana Salenko in 'Rubies.' It was interesting comparison, as the Royal was performing 'Jewels' at the same time in London. I got the feeling the Berlin company was still 'finding it's way' with 'Jewels' at the time, but thought they looked at their best in 'Diamonds.' Great photos too!
  12. David Drew and Derek Rencher's names occurred to me too as having made that transition.
  13. I'd be very happy if they reverted back to the Leighton Lucas orchestrations. I don't know why the cello solo in the final act is there, as for me, it kills the mood, and breaks the tension of the piece at that point (however well played it is). If I like the music, it goes a long way with me. I'm not a fan of the new lighting either. That said I think the dancers have given fantastic performances 🙂 Seen 3, with 1 to go.
  14. Makes me think of a wonderful quote I heard once, which was 'Mr Pavarotti does not do steps.' 🙂
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