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  1. Dear Penelope, I thank you for all your time and effort and kind words (and also the critical ones). We always welcome all feedback whether good or bad and we actually act on it. The post that Mandy kindly posted on my behalf was purely to set the record straight a little, It was also written to give some more background on the event and what it does and for who. The high ticket price is a result of the 20% increase and the increase of prices of staff/food/wine etc. I believe the last year you attended was 2014 when Mara and Gary danced and therefore there has been a huge amount of changes since. Therefore I think you can understand that I wanted to make sure that the work of the team and artists was fairly represented. I would like to invite you as my guest to Hatch House 2019 on the Sunday evening and to write a short review of the show here on the forum. This way you will get to have a fabulous evening and you can let me know if you think the changes we have made over the years have hit the mark. Please pop me an email and let me know if you can make the 28th of July. I do hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine. Happy Easter one and all! Matt
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