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  1. I did a quick quote with axa and is coming up at approx £85 month? Does that seem about right?
  2. Definitely y11 with auditions and finals which go on right up to the end of March and then there are GCSEs to focus on! Be prepared and ready early!
  3. It’s really about quality training, my dc was doing approx 8 hours week and has been successful at gaining a place at upper school for this year.
  4. Well I disagree! You cannot say my points are not relevant.
  5. Some qualifiers are perhaps closer to dance schools than others maybe, for us our nearest was an hour away. If this is the same for others it possibly reduces the number of group dances. Some dance schools are smaller, some new to this so don’t have as many entries. Some schools maybe aware of sections that always have less entries so may create dances for those sections- just a thought. For the sections I watched I witnessed some beautiful and strong dancing and did agree on the whole with placings. Good luck to those who did make finals, i hear the southern regionals were very good too. Sorry to those who are disappointed too, my experience of adjudication is always like this. I was just proud my dc did their best. Dance has got to be one is the hardest things to judge, unlike other sports where it’s down to clear goals etc.
  6. There were 41 different schools entered for m/n region
  7. I’m sure you agree it’s about going out and doing your best too! Like I said I was only briefly there with my child, the dance world is tough but we have to move on positively and teach our children it’s the right thing to do even if we do think they should have been given a place .
  8. I’m sorry you feel this way. All we can ever ask is that out dancers do their best and although hard at times, remember it is personal opinion, although with 3 judges you would hope it would be accurate. We never know what they see and how they decide.
  9. I have briefly been at m/n regionals and from what I have seen I pretty much agreed with adjudication. I’m no expert though!
  10. Does anyone know of anyone successful at Elmhurst upper 6:1 that is new to the school?
  11. Boarding is tough so if you live nearby I would definitely do that!
  12. If you don’t live far away, I would suggest being a day pupil.
  13. That’s a real shame, perhaps because of lack of boys? Thanks cotes and thanks for the welcome Jan!
  14. Many thanks for your reply, so pdd is always within same year even if much fewer boys?
  15. Hi could I please ask how many girls and boys there are likely to be in the first year of sixth form and how does pdd work? Many thanks
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