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  1. Congratulations to you all!
  2. We had a lovely afternoon watching the All England Gala on Sunday and supporting some of dc friends. We thought the standard of dancing was exceptional and Lauretta Summerscales even performed which was a lovely surprise. Congratulations to all those that danced in that beautiful venue!
  3. Thanks I’ll check that, hope it’s not much longer!
  4. Anyone know when the results will be emailed?
  5. Would love to find someone who stocks the Mdm ballet flats!
  6. Yes this happened last summer
  7. I was told by someone they had been sent to the dancing times, interesting.
  8. There has been a big article about ybss in this months edition but no mention of scholarships, which must be the first year ever. Must be disappointing for those that received them bearing in mind all other years printed.I can’t see it going in Augusts as it is usually June I believe. Congratulations to your dc.
  9. In the past we’ve been in the one up the narrow stairs near the changing room, not sure if they use more than one studio
  10. Was this Manchester balletbean?
  11. I think the info regarding the genee is incorrect
  12. Has anyone had an update to their place since May?
  13. I did a quick quote with axa and is coming up at approx £85 month? Does that seem about right?
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