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  1. Are Corrales and Hayward the only two dancers affected? I checked my email box and cannot find other information. I am going to bring someone to RoH for tomorrow Swan Lake opening night and she was looking forward to see Vadim&Nela pair. I noticed that Vadim just returned from Japan a week ago, wonder if he is affected? If so probably I shall let her know in advance to avoid big disappointment. Thanks!
  2. Just returned from ROH today after the opera. I sit at the ground and have a very good seat. A treat! However the French speaking couple sitting behind me kept coughing and took cough sweets several time. And the German speaking gentleman made a lot of effort to stop his running nose... I dont think they have Coronavirus or I am in any danger. Further more, having an Asian looking face, I am very grateful that there has been absolutely no discrimination to me since the virus outbreak. However I start to doubt how long the situation will maintain as usual... People from all over the world come and sit tightly together for several hours. Many prebook the ticket and trip. To be honest, I will be keen to make the show if I only "have very minor symptoms of flu"... especially for something so looking forward to like Swan Lake. I am young and not live with any elderly people so my risk is very low. Considering about the avg age of Opera house visitors and how difficult to deep clean a venue with so many seats, I now totally understand why La Scala and other opera house choose to suspend the performances. I will continue coming to support ROH if they keep on running and wont complain if they decide to close. Maybe it is a great time to put more effort on online screaming and recording more clips?
  3. Sorry if I did cause any confusion... What I mean that Many patients start with loss of appetite, or some disagreeable felling in the stomach. And some known effective medicine (eg, like Lopinavir/ritonavir ,commonly known as Kaletra) has common side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Thus for some doctors hesitated to give these to the patients who show mild symptoms because the patients may be feeling worse after taking the medicine, especially who already have disagreeable feeling in the stomach. Later they found that the side effect "worth" it because a protein of the mild symptom patients will grow into serious condition. And once it turns serious, it is very difficult to save them. And they now understand the virus better and know when it is the "right" time to give what kind of medicine. Italy is treating patients using Ribavirin and Lopinavir cocktail. The result is quite encouraging. ( https://www.corriere.it/esteri/20_febbraio_24/03-esteri-lightcorriere-web-sezioni-be84a59e-574e-11ea-b89d-a5ca249e9e1e_preview.shtml?reason=unauthenticated&cat=1&cid=audWIoec&pids=FR&credits=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.corriere.it%2Festeri%2F20_febbraio_24%2F03-esteri-lightcorriere-web-sezioni-be84a59e-574e-11ea-b89d-a5ca249e9e1e.shtml) Many news still describe the virus as a "illness without a cure" to scare people... But actually it is no longer the case. There is no 100% success rate cure but some medicine has already proven to be very helpful as long as patient takes it before developing into serious condition. And NHS and many other EU countries are very very actively carrying test to make sure patients will be monitored and given the correct treatment. So I have very good faith in them. Hope this will make you feel better.
  4. Another thought from me is I really don't like the way media emphasises so much on age and pre-existing medical conditions. People from all age group have died. The first impression of "pre-existing medical conditions" is something like cancer. But actually it includes diabetes and cardiovascular and so many other quite common conditions. Status here https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/ Younger/healthier people usually have a longer incubation period and their condition develop slower. But the condition can suddenly turn bad and kill the patient in very short time, leaving the doctors not many options. There are many cases like this and one famous one is the famous 35years old Doctor Li. He actually improved a lot and very very close to be discharged from the hospital. Then suddenly the condition dropped and killed him. His elderly parents, who got the virus passed from him, were put into intensive care earlier and recovered, now in good status. During an outbreak, the older/less healthier people die first. In my hometown province, first a pair of 80+ old patients died and people thought, o, it was just something for the old and still ignored some warning coming from doctors. Then several days later a women in her 50s died, alarm the society.
  5. It is not the normal kind flu, telling from the death rate. So far this flu season, 0.05% of people who caught the flu have died from the virus in the U.S. according to CDC. https://www.livescience.com/new-coronavirus-compare-with-flu.html According to a study (Feb 18) based on the current cases, the death rate for Coronavirus is much higher. The report by the CCDC shows Hubei province's death rate is 2.9% compared with 0.4% in the rest of the country. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51540981) You can also check the chart here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51674743. Even for the people with none previous health conditions, the rate is very high comparing to what flu does. The status is more close to Spanish flu than normal flu. Hubei's province has some problems so the death rate is much higher. But the other provinces, the hospital did whatever they can do for the patients and spent a lot of resources on them. I can tell cuz my mom worked in one of a very good hospital in a province very far away from Hubei. She just retired and still communicated with her former colleagues. Another data point, one of my college friend from Wuhan, his parents both infected by the virus and they are in very difficult time. They are just in their 50s. The virus is not as deadly as SARS or MARS. But the problem is that it spreads very fast. And a quite large percentage of the patients need put in hospital with a lot of care. Very resource consuming. Having a handful number of cases VS Having a large number of cases will result in very different situation. I don't want to make people panic because actually a panic society is even more harmful. But I agree with some actions France/Italy/and many other countries now take. It will gain the scientist more time to study the virus. The first location of an outbreak usually gets the worst result. The following will learn lesson from them and do much a better job. For example, it takes Wuhan several days to realise the some medicine (like Tamiflu and some Antibiotics) doctor firstly used as a standard are not helpful, but potently harmful to some patients. Also they realised some more actions should be taken more often when using ventilator after some recent autopsy finding. Here I want to share some important notes and what I have learnt from my contacts from China. Of course, I have better faith in NHS but I hope these will help someone: 1. A lot of patients' first symptom is actually not cough or fever, but uncomfortable in stomach like you eat some bad food. 2. Most important thing is to confirmed diagnosis at the early stage, because patients should take different kind of medicine than normal flu/cold. Taken the right medicine at the early stage prevent growing into serious stage in most of cases. It is a very hard lesson learnt by Chinese doctors. A lot of patients are relatively mild at the early stage. Fewer/cough like normal flu. Thus the doctors were not willing to give them some powerful medicine which will have some side effect like vomit, but hope they will improve But if they miss this chance and the patient grows into serious stage, it is very little to do and many medicines do not work any more. So scientist are working very hard to develop quicker and easier test kit. 3. To raise the alarm in time is very important. Many people actually died because they had some routinely treatment/or some surgery appointment scheduled in January, and they caught the virus while recovering in the hospital. A very sad story from China for a family of 4. The mom in her 50-60s scheduled a nonessential but "better to have" surgery in Jan 17 and got the virus while recovering. Her condition got worse very fast and died soon. The dad also died because he spent a lot of time taking care of his wife. Their daughter and son, both adults, also infected and under treatment. Wuhan raised the alarm in Jan 20~23rd and cancelled all nonessential surgeries. If the alarm was raised some days earlier, this family would still be together. 4. Don't be panic. Panic kills more. Wuhan society got panic in around January 20-23rd and a lot of people rushed to supermarket/drug store/hospital, and actually infected by doing so... Relax and keep the sprit high! Now many country has already found some practical cure to treat patients, including some anti-AIDS medicine (lopinavir/ ritonavir) and (surprisingly) some medicine from the pan-Quinine family. lopinavir/ ritonavir was not mass produced before because only some of AIDS patients need it. At the most difficult stage in Wuhan, they had less than 1000 pills of lopinavir/ ritonavir in stock. But ever since then all countries started produce and stock lopinavir/ ritonavir. So don't be panic! If you are really worried, drink some tonic water:)
  6. Bravo to all dancers. Obviously they put a lot effort and work very hard. Special admiration to the leading 3. However my feeling is too... busy... Designer just cannot resist to win the most Ikea staging prize. And find a job for everyone and keep them busy just like a work union...
  7. I feel very sad to not able to see Osipova. I originally booked all Osipova&Vadim 3 casts because I feared maybe I would miss one. I was so looking forward to see Vadim as Onegin and I heard Osipova wonderful as Tatiana. Then it came the news of replacement of Clarke. Then I had to return my very good seat for the 1st show of Osipova&Clarke for a last minute booked travel...I really regret it now:( Should stay in London and fly on Sunday . I love Bolle I love Nunez... I am happy to see them tonight but I am feeling incredibly sad for not be able to see Osipova. I still cherished memory of Maria Kochetkova in Onegin. She was wonderful. I forgot anything technical but still remember her way of gazing at Onegin, her vulnerability and the sadness in the air.
  8. I don't have the privilege to see the past generation of dancers. But I read some articles about classic variation and lilac fairy variation and blue bird variation are regarding of one of the most difficult variations for female and males.(some even votes them as the hardest). One of the shade variation in LB and the golden Buda variation in LB are also on top of that list. But being a shade you only need good techinic not much acting. Thus lilac fairy "wins" the difficult prize... I don't quite understand why the decision goes this way.
  9. I attended last night performance and it must be one of the best moment I have enjoyed in RB this year. Coppelia is one of my favourites but RB production is not my like. I understand the company probably is willing to "keep" some old traditions but this is not for me. - The lacking of space on the stage. Result in limitation of corp dancing space. Several occasions you can see corps trying to squeeze though others during the dance. Also it limits the number of corps to dance the Mazurka. I really afraid Vadim will run out of stage when he danced the solo. Yep many other companies dance on an even smaller stage. But considering the raising prince, audience have some sort of expectation for something "grand" enough when stepping inside Royal Opera House. - Some costumes seems not blend in, re, the yellow blouses for the school girls. And the white wedding costumes for Act III for the leading couple. The big round sleeve prevents me to see more of Marienela's beautiful arms and shoulders. And as other said, hardly to see the male's leg if you are watching from screen or sitting on the ground level. From higher levels it works well as the floor is in bright color. - Old choreography for Swanilda variations. Unlike the popular version, the Swanilda variation in Act I has half mime and half dancing. The Spanish dancing in Act II and the Swanilda variation in wedding PDD in Act 3 both focus on feet work and could add more of arms or other things into it. Especially for the Act III Swandilda variation, it makes me feel that suddenly the outgoing sunny Swandilda becomes a shy bride while Frank is over his top... lol Even though Nela danced perfectly and beautifully. Still not my cup of tea. - I don't think that every history details should be kept just as it is. For example Sir Peter Wright added the new version Chinese dance into his Nutcracker with new technic and more opportunities for male dancers. And Makarova's great temple act into the Bayadere. Let alone, the recent success of the new Swan Lake final act PDD by Royal Ballet. Although I don't like Royal Ballet's new approach of Don Q. But I think that Royal Ballet should keep on the creative mode and invest on bring the old classic into a new level. Last night is about Nela and Vadim. Like many of pervious comment, I also quite hesitated to see she was chosen for Swandilda. It is not about her age. She is great as the 16 year old princess in Sleeping Beauty. But I never like her in non-princessy, non-goddness, peasant style or childlike style roles, even in her younger years. Sometimes I feel she has too much "knowning" or too smart and mature. I know many like her Giselle but I don't like her acting in Act I. It gives me a feel that a very smart women is over acting to be a peasant girl. And same goes her Juliet. Don't mistake me, I am a great fan of her! Thus I was quite concern. But last night, it is a success. The whole product is a jolly comedy, thus her a bit of over---acting, just suit the atmosphere and makes everything right. Perfection and wonderful acting. The only thing I regret is that they don't bring back Coppelia back earlier and film her several years ago. I see her slightly tired sign towards the end of that great wedding PDD. Talking about the en point jump in the Coda, if comparing to the similar part in 2018 Swan Lake or every earlier her Sleeping Beauty, it is not as that amazingly strong as before. Dear Royal Ballet could we make sure to film more and even not put it into live cinema,. there are plenty of other options like YouTube and Now TV, to display your great dancers and bring more fame to your brand, please! Vadim is beyond word. I will buy the DVD as soon as it comes out. His dancing and acting even exceeds his usual self. Oh how good can you go? And Franz is the perfect role, a nice and young guy, for him. He danced the Russian version of Franz variation in Prix de Lausanne. Surely it is his role!
  10. Must related to their busy international commitments. And they will dance Raymonda next week.
  11. All those yellow country girls and their companions. To be honest I don't like that yellow blouse
  12. Is it going to broadcast again? I thought next one in cinema is Lauren's nutcracker
  13. Came back Home after today evening performance by Hayward and Campbell. It is the first time I see RB Coppelia in person. I have seen the production on DVD and other companies recording. The acting skill of RB is fantastic. Especially a vote for Gary's old doctor! But I feel that the mime in Act II is too long. Maybe it is a way to give Swanilda more time to recharge? It seems not that long on DVD but feel a bit "over" in person. Hayward's dancing is very good. Like her Scots dance a lot. (it is Scotland right?) I have not seen her full length ballet a lot due to a lot of her absence in the past year. I feel that Swanilda is a good fit for her. There is no much dancing for Campbell. One thing I noticed during their wedding PDD adagio in Act III. When Hayward "sat" down and pulled up standing by Campbell(a move quite like white swan PDD), her supporting foot was en pointe but the ankle was bended when she was in the progress of standing up. Don't know the technical word for it. But I felt a little bit weird. Fumi Kaneko's solo was very nice. Fumi was always some highlight for my past several visited to RB this year. Very delightful. I see she is growing into the next level. Hope the great momentum continues! Regarding the production. The stage setting and the costume are great. But the choreography seems a bit out of fashion comparing to what I see in other companies recording. The footwork for Spanish and Scots dances in Act II leave me a feeling of "small", then I realise that maybe now I am hoping to see more jumps and "big" move in a variation, but not that in fashion back then. Yep it is delicate but I wish to have a bit of more "spice" element in it. Again in Act III, too many female corp dancing. Yep they dance good. But I hope to add some more male element to balance it.
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