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  1. I want to apologize for that I gave the misinformation about Nunez's last 2019 performance in RoH is early December. Just realised that she will dance Raymonda on December 18&20 as well, paired with Vadim. Still lots of good seats available online. Anyone who missed last several performance, this is the chance:)
  2. Thanks very much for your comments. I wish to make it clear that I don't have insights of RB management other than their public disclosure information. I have friends working in opera and dancing industry. And I want to put it into record that the post today I made are answer from my understanding of why so many pairs of Manon are scheduled. Of course, the practice in one company is not same at other places. And don't take my comments as accountable about RB. I will try to put attributes and references into my post as many as possible but also happy to hear from you, either directly or in private message, about my misunderstanding part. Happy to extend my knowledge.
  3. I did not see Magri in Variation 4. For the filming performance, I have to say that I am not impressed by Beatriz Stix-Brunell's performance variation 4. I have enjoyed many of her performances and really like her smiling nature. But this time her steps/jumps were a bit messy. Comparing with POB filming one, Dorothée Gilbert did this variation in almost same choreography much better. Hope that they will use Magri footage if it is also recorded in DVD
  4. I noticed that she is not on stage for RB for most of December last year and this year. Her last performance 2018 is Symphony in C in the triple bill ended in beginning of December if I recalled correctly. And this year 2019 her last is Sleeping Beauty December 2nd. And returning on Jan 18, 2020 for the Onegin. This round Coppelia is starting Nov 28 and heavily focusing on holiday pierod. It seems to be a pattern for her to spend pre-Christmas and Christmas out of London. It is not unusual for a star level principle to ask for a longer rest over holiday. Nunez also has her last performance at Dec 10. Usually pre-Christmas is nutcracker season and it sells no need with big names, also a good chance for junior dancer to get a bigger role. This year is special by the return of Coppelia. I doubt that it is possible to schedule 2+ shows with her within Nov 28- early December possible. And plus, if the filming is going to Nunez, then the schedule will be planned around Nunez availability for the best. PS: No wonder Vadim is getting slimmer and slimmer. He has to debut&film for Raymonda and Coppelia (does he danced those role before?), and do Sleeping Beauty with both Nunez and Osipova. Rehears Onegin. Franz in Coppelia and Onegin are both heavy role....
  5. This is part of reason. And I want to also add marketing and contracts factors into the discussion of casting. First I agree that 2 performances per pair Manon/Des Grieux with so many pairs sounds not ideal. But regarding of rehearsal efforts, actually only debuting/opening/filming pair will be on the very-effort-consuming end. Others will spend a lot of rehearsal time together with other casts, and a bit of time of solo rehearsal with coaches. I saw a photo of La Bayadère rehearsal for Nikiya/Solor. All pairs were together in a room. (Corrales with Osipova, Vadim with Núñez and many others). Some ballets, like Manon, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, are on stage very often in RoH. Thus for a senior principle who has danced the production a lot, it won't request a lot of efforts for them to rehearsal. So it will be more a question of if they are willing to dance this round. For junior principles, it may ask for more efforts but they are more on wish-to-dance side. So the real question for KOH is who will be given the chance of debuting considering the costume costs(most of principle roles will get personal fit costume) and rehearsal cost. Also take into consideration is marketing. I hate to say but it is a fact that technique is not the only requirement to become a principle, but also the ability to attract a fan base, often related to dancer's background, nationality, looking, and many other factors. Thus every principle has some fan base, small or big. It may play very big for some people on deciding if they will go to the ballet. For example, when I was living in San Francisco Bay Area, I received friends coming to visit California from East Asia often. They won't consider to go to a show in SF Ballet, as ballet is not a thing-to-do for a California trip. But they will be interested if Yuanyuan Tan on stage, as she is a famous figure for them. Same things happen more or less here in London as well. Thus in Royal Ballet, they will try to analyses fan base and how to schedule some shows to attract them. And deciding how many shows is needed/enough to satisfy a fan base. Some stars, like Osipova and Nuñez, will have contracts with the company about how many shows they will have on RB stage. KOH will definitely be happy to schedule as many as performance with Nunez, but she will, of course, wish to spend some time on other locations. This round of Manon have Nunez/Bolle, Osipova/Hallberg(I know some of you have doubt on him but he is still a big ticket selling star), kind of world level stars. I doubt that if we can negotiate more than 2 shows per pair. Also want to point out that I am quite impressed by Vadim Muntagirov. He is certainly a star now and he is still very flexible and super hard working for RoH. He took many extra shows as supplement for injured colleges and paired with multiple ballerina for a single round. Especially for something like Don Quixote, it is very effort consuming to pair with another ballerina. No doubt that KOH gives so many filming opportunities as kind of reward. He is really working hard. I am not concerning about effort cost of Manon. The big challenge this season should be Coppelia and Raymonda, not very often on RB stage, difficult especially on female side. Most of current leading principles/soloists have not danced it. Swanilda is a very heavily demanding role, virtually have to dancing all time in Act 1&2. And in Raymonda, each variation is hard. So I am quite disappoint that Osipova is not scheduled to dance Swanilda, as the only two principles in current RB fleet, has danced Coppelia and really has a reputation for it. (Correct me if I am wrong but AFAIK, the only other is Marianela Nunez who debuted in 2006. Yuhui Choe danced Coppelia PDD on other stages before)
  6. She started conversation with fans in English very actively at least from early this year (after Don Q performance). Very warm person. Before that when I met her in stage door, she clearly understood what I was talking but hardly replied in English. ---- Completely unrelated to the performance but---- Well I think that it is related to her real life partner Jason Kittelberger. As a non native English speaker, I have to say that best way to improve a foreign language is to have a native speaking partner or roommate:) See this article in May from Standard "Natalia Osipova interview: 'Some dancers would refuse to partner me — I’d knock them over'" https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/arts/natalia-osipova-interview-royal-ballet-sergei-polunin-a4152626.html It says Osipova "just got engaged" to him and "plan to marry this summer" Well, I am not happy with Standard to put Polunin's name in the link. Understand it is for prompting search keywords. But the article is about Osipova and very unrelated to him. And I don't know how accountable it is for the "plan to marry this summer" part as it is already winter now and no news following up. I saw Kittelberger in ROH last night. I feel very happy for her.
  7. She did clap. I can hear clearly at balcony but not very loud one. I have not attended other performance by RB for Raymonda Act III. But from the recordings I have watched it seems related to the choreography. Russian. including La Scala version based on original Russian choreography : Empty fake clap. No sound. POB: loud clap. (Gillot and Guillem recording) RB: Clap with sound but softer. And also the Hungarian pose are softer than POB (Rojo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQxlfxqOtIU) My friend who learnt a some ballet in school told me an explanation from their ballet teacher (not accountable though) : Clapping with sound was regarded not graceful in Russian at the time when Raymonda was staged. Nureyev made the clapping sound. He staged the one act for RB first with almost non exiting story line. Thus Raymonda is more or less just a happy bride. He staged the full length for POB later, gave new concept of Abderam and Raymonda character. Arguably Raymonda has a real feeling for Abdeam. And her Act III solo shows her anger, sadness and the determination, which is not emphasized much in one act version because the audience won't understand where it comes from.
  8. I got words from RB insider confirming both Bayadere and Raymonda Act III will be released in DVD I did not ask about Concerto or others. But I am now curious about if Coppelia will also have DVD. They seems to on some effort to build a Vadim Muntagirov collection.
  9. I think that his role is mainly supporting and he did a fantastic job of all those difficult lifting. I already started a debate of her vs Sylvie Guillem with my friend. We watched a video clip of Sylvie Guillem on youtube. And Osipova also posted saying that the Raymonda crown for her was worn by Guillem, what a coincidence!
  10. Just got home after attending tonight performance. A real treat. Originally I booked 2 performances last week but could not make them for a very busy working schedule myself and illness. I got to this one. Only got 3 hours! And what a wonderful night! Concerto: love Shostakovich, wonderful dancing of the leading roles. the middle piece is nice, the 1st&3rd parts is a little "chaos" to my taste. I would say that I would prefer if shorten into a 20minutes work. Enigma: No it is not for me. Although I found it "interesting" and watched "carefully" but I doubt if I would attend another performance of it. (Maybe just sitting outside at the bar) The music is okay, but unfortunately it is put in the middle of the great Shostakovich and the wonderful Raymonda. I would say that "a month in the country" will be a better choice to put in the middle for the cinema screening. Francesca Hayward Laura Morera perfect. Ball managed that interesting solo. Raymonda: I watched La Scala version and loved Raymonda. So I was very looking forward to RB version and it is WOW! Natalia and Vadream are beyond my word to describe. It will be quite a lot of pressure on them. Because in this version Act III, the leading pair actually does not have very long stage time and the other solos are also very compatible. In traditional full length Raymonda, Raymonda has very demanding solos in the first two acts. Besides the leading pair, Fumi Kaneko also stood out. The costume , music and dancing are wonderful. The tile effort on the floor looks very beautiful from Balcony. However I was really worried for a moment (especially that famous ariation pour quatre danseurs) because it looked very slippy, it was possible to see the reflection and shadows! (I am being silly lol) To be a bit picky, I don't know if it is the angle problem from my seat or not. It seems that Natalia Osipova was almost late for the 2nd "bell" turn with male soloists in Grand adage but she saved it. And Hinkis did not control some steps in the last part of her solo that well. Hope either my eyes lied to me or they will make it up in the DVD.
  11. Thanks for the information! Apologize if my comment causes any confusion. My knowledge came from an introduction video of Raymonda from a Chinese ballet instructor who made some videos online to promote ballet. He said that Raymonda has a weak story line comparing to other classical ballets because it cut off the most exiting part (Raymonda falls in love with Turkish) from the "original novel" when the story was adapted into ballet. I made some comments yesterday asking him about the data resource. Either it was true or it was likely caused by translation because most of Chinese ballet textbooks are translated from Russian. There is some confusion between a "story" "novel" or "legend" in the translation. I guess perhaps it should be a "legend" not a "novel". I also did some research yesterday and found this article on nytimes in 2016 https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/25/arts/dance/review-mariinsky-ballet-in-raymonda-searching-about-for-a-perfect-suitor.html It says "The creaky story line of the 1898 “Raymonda” was shaped by Countess Lydia Pashkova and Petipa along the lines of the Romantic historical fiction popularized a century earlier by Ann Radcliffe (the novelist satirized by Jane Austen in “Northanger Abbey”)." However it sounds strange because the none of Ann Radcliffe's novels has a similar story line like Raymonda. Searching Russian sites, I see info like this one http://www.pro-ballet.ru/html/r/raymonda.html attributes "scenes. L. A. Pashkova (on the plot of a knight's legend)".
  12. Raymonda can end in two different ways. One way is the couple happily marry together with a proud Raymonda. Another is that Raymonda marries Jean de Brienne but she has hidden sadness for the Abderakhman because she grows an affection of him before he dies. The original novel has Raymonda falls in love with Abderakhman but after Abderakhman dies, some magic removes Raymonda's love memory but she will never be the same girl as before.
  13. I have not seen RB version of Raymonda before but have seen La Scala full length one. By saying Osipova's 2nd solo, does Raymonda have 2 variations in RB Act III? Plus do we have the famous multiple entrechats variation? It is in Act 2 if I remembered correctly in La Scala.
  14. I don't know if it is proper but some insider told me that Raymonda Act III will have a DVD. Highly suspect that the other two will also have DVD, likely to put together with the triple bill early this year? Maybe not in the same recording? I suspect that RB is building a box set for Vadim.
  15. Interesting, for Raymonda herself I think that the Russian choreography is more on the "icy queen" side while Nureyev version is more like demanding and arrogant with under the surface passion. I will see it next week to check what they deliver this time
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