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  1. Thanks to everyone who has posted. I rang this morning and my son has been offered MDS! We will definitely be taking it as we only applied for the Hammond. I wanted him nearby, we live in lancaster. The assistant principal didn't seem to know why we hadn't got the email! I keep pinching myself as I can't quite believe it! I hope everyone gets what they want. It is such an emotional couple of months. Now the reality that he will be boarding will set in, he's my only child so it'll be very strange having an empty house! Please let me know how you get on if you don't know your position yet. We can be a support to each other xx
  2. Thanks x I did receive a wrong email about the registration to the parents of a child with the same name as mine so I wonder if they got 2 emails on Friday! Who knows. Monday can't come quick enough.
  3. You never know, if people have applied elsewhere and decide to go there instead it might free one up. Did you get the email last Friday? It's a total emotional roller coaster! I just need to know either way!!
  4. Thanks. I've got everything crossed!!
  5. Thanks. It really is. I contacted them today but they were in a meeting so looks like Monday I will have to call again. Another 2 days of palpitations!!
  6. Yes, all other things they've sent have been via email. I've checked all my emails and nothing is there. Surely they contact you either way? Not fair that we have heard nothing yet we are seeing that other people have. Too stressful!!
  7. I can see that some people have already received news that their child has been awarded an MDS for Hammond. I haven't heard anything yet and I'm now concerned. Has anyone else not heard?
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