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  1. Havent heard anything either
  2. Is anyone doing Hull associates and also London classes and in mids? Just choosing which days to go to London...
  3. Mine is desperate too especially as her friend has just got in from reserves! Next year maybe!
  4. Just wondered if anyone who auditioned for York dance scholars in april and who got onto reserve list had heard anything, or had got a place?
  5. Interesting that york scholars are told not to mention on social media...
  6. My daughter goes to ballet boost. She thoroughly enjoys it. It is not something that her dance school suggested. She applied and auditioned herself although got her teachers permission. Her teacher is keen for her to audition for York Dance Scholars. She admittedly doesnt know too much about ballet boost due to it being quite new but has had a number of students over the years attend YDS. I suppose my question is does anyone have any good ...or bad experience of BB or YDS...or even better does anyone have any experience of both and are able to advise on differences? I have no idea if she is good enough to get in at YDS but if she does I don't know how to choose! Thanks x
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