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  1. Does anyone know if the school is on Easter holidays? My DD has been offered a place for September and we are looking for some further information. TIA
  2. Picturesinthefirelight was there a school bus for day students or did you arrange your own accommodation?
  3. Thank you all this information is very useful x
  4. Thank you everyone for replying my DD has done some Associate places and auditioned at the Hammond recently and has been offered a Y9 place. From what I gather funding is unlikely so we are just looking into options and wondered if there are school buses for any borders from anywhere and do the children settle as well if just day students?
  5. Hi I’m new to such forums but the dance world is very complex in deed, no matter what the level, vocational or non vocational and all the other variables! So I’m looking for anyone with any advice or experience on day students at the Hammond. Thanks
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