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  1. Good - everyone has their own experiences.
  2. From experience RBS, Tring & Central have their own on-site physio teams - Elmhurst don’t - they have to call physios in which can also cause delay treatment should an injury occur.
  3. I’m aware of 5 (2 DS & 3 DD’s) who’ve turned down 6.1 and chosen the Degree route instead - some due to being able to access Degree funding. 2 others are going Overseas. I believe they offered 10-15 placed for 6.1. Vocational school are very expensive for most people & DaDA’s don’t cover boarding.
  4. Totally agree - don’t fret regarding joining “established year groups at Elmhurst” - the year groups change year on year. Y10 & Y11 for GCSES are the most stable but otherwise DC come and go for various reasons. The friendship groups change as the DC mature - just as they do non-Vocational schools.
  5. Hi All. Congratulations to all your DC. Exciting times ahead! I too have a DD starting in Sept and she would love to live with others for company (me for safety/commutes). How soon do we have to book? So much information to take in!
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