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  1. SOLD OUT All 5,272 seats in the RAH for this R&J are fully sold out. Standing tickets in the gallery have now been made available at £33.75. It’s a good view from there, but you might like to use binos 😉 However, … there will be late returns from international ticket buyers who may not be able to travel due to UK or their own country’s quarantine rules. Some are waiting on possible rule changes before deciding. Let me know if you are interested in attending and I may be able to match you up. £100-£250 (front row) 😉 I notice a few have been returned this week and resold.
  2. Alina Cojocaru has not retired. She was rehearsing for Giselle in July with Tim Andrijshenko in Sicily (huge outdoor venue) but had to pull out due to injury. Nicolette Manni replaced her at late notice. I’m told Alina was due to perform Neumeier’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Hamburg Ballet in Baden Baden earlier in October, but was not fully recovered. They hope she will be able to dance Neumeier’s Glass Menagerie in early November. This ballet was created on Alina two years ago. And she is due to perform in Johan Kobborg’s Romeo & Juliet with Sergei Polunin at the Albert Hall on 1st December. Rescheduled from April 2020. Seating for R&J is fully sold out, so standing tickets in the gallery have now been made available £33.75. It’s a really good view from there! But, there will be late returns from international ticket buyers who will not be able to travel due to UK quarantine rules. Some are waiting on possible rule changes before deciding. Let me know if you are interested in attending and I may be able to match you up. £100-£250 (front row) 😉
  3. UPDATE … I see Bolero has been removed from the World Ballet Day video, which is also available free on the Transilvania International Film Festival app. It was there earlier. Why, who knows? It’s a mystery to me, as the Bolero video is freely available on Sergei’s YouTube channel 🤷🏼‍♀️ (it was duplication).
  4. A gift from Sergei Polunin. I urge the naysayers to have a look at this … I hope you can see the quality work here. It’s his show from beautiful Bánffy Castle in Transilvania this summer … in full and available for 24 hours. Fabulous solos and an entertaining onstage conversation with the director of the film festival where Sergei was the key guest. It’s been impossible for Sergei’s international group of dancers ‘PoluninInk’ to work together during this pandemic, so this show is all solos. Running order: - Intro - BOLERO, music by Ravel, concept and choreography by Ross Freddie Ray. This version was made to support Multiple Sclerosis sufferers by depicting their symptoms and resilience. Look out for the loss of abilities. (This is a relay of the original video, it was not performed live … as the next solo is 40 minutes, which is a feat of stamina in itself.) - SACRE, music Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, concept & choreography by Yuka Oishi. This version is based around Nijinsky’s life. - conversation. Listen out for Romeo & Juliet discussion … shortly to be at Royal Albert Hall, plus some explanations of Sacre. - extra gift of TAKE ME TO CHURCH. The audience went bonkers during this .. cheering & hollering at every move, but the video has used a separate soundtrack. I was there …. spontaneous standing ovation and deafening applause from the 2000+ audience most of whom who will not have seen him dance before.
  5. Yes ! Do not disagree with a royal! Hilarious. And the way he delivers it 👏👏👏 Of course he is Russian by passport now, but wasn’t at 13. Only Ukrainian. Earlier in the conversation he’d talked about having a place at Vaganova school but couldn’t accept it as his family couldn’t afford it (not free to non-Russians). He added it would have been free if he had converted to a Russian passport. But of course his family couldn’t afford the cost of doing that either. Considering how many interviews there have been over the years, it’s surprising to learn these details only now. I guess the interviewers haven’t asked the right questions.
  6. Did anyone here attend the Palladium book launch ‘dance and conversation’ event? Or was it just me and over 2,000 other lucky people 🤔 If not, you missed some tremendous Sergei dancing … he is in really good physical shape and really good ballet form too. Ross Freddie Ray’s Bolero has lovely adagio and port de bras. There was a controlled slow pirouette from low second oozing closed to a perfect fifth that I hadn’t noticed before. Unreal. Sergei’s contemporary moves in Jiri Bubenick’s Paradiso were performed with more generous range and flowing quality than in Ravenna. Sergei was charming, humble and expressed his gratefulness for the continued support he is receiving. The conversation sections were split into two after each of the Bolero and Paradiso pieces. There were wonderfully amusing anecdotes, including one about Prince Charles. See video below. Raucous applause … like a pop concert when Sergei gave the audience a surprise gift of performing Take Me To Church. Full house, standing ovation and many books of FREE purchased on the night. It was a very special show. A vlog from the Ballet Twins including the Prince Charles anecdotes …
  7. Sadly no Bolshoi or Mariinsky or other Russia-based Russians, not even Xander Parish. I assume due to travel restrictions, such as Sputnik vaccine not being on UK govt list of approved vaccines for travel. Understandable in this situation, but still sad for a Gala that was originally the Russian Ballet Icons Gala. And the Bolshoi/Mariinsky dancers were the main draw for me. However, despite all this … it’s an interesting array of European-based dancers. I am Looking forward to it. P.S. Denis Vieira is not on the Bayerische Staatsballett company list. I don’t know where he is now.
  8. @Angela Please watch the ‘making of’ documentary posted above. The curved background (it’s not a round stage) is to create the illusion of immersion in space with the videographer’s wonderful nebulae visuals. FYI the hand movements represent Multiple Sclerosis issues. I agree some of the start is similar. I noticed it also on first viewing … on subsequent viewings not so much. I’ll also copy IG links from the producer in the next post which explain the project. Once you understand the motivation for this version, I hope you might change your mind about how much intention there was to mimic any previous versions in full.
  9. And I’ve just been reminded that it was Ross who proposed Ravel’s Bolero music for this project as he has always wanted to do a version. Which is why I started this thread in the first place. It is Ross’ concept and choreography. The project collaboration with Merck was the idea of producer Sergei Borisenko. Sergei Polunin is ‘just’ the dancer here.
  10. Whooops posted the wrong video earlier …. Here is the documentary about the ‘making of’ the Bolero video in which Ross explains about the MS features addressed in it. And we can see how they worked remotely. (With subtitles)
  11. @Angela I’m familiar with Bejart’s Bolero … having seen a large number of dancers perform it on YouTube from Jorge Donn, Maya Plisetskaya through to more recent performances like Vishneva. I’m not the choreographer or dancer here … so please don’t attack me! And yes I agree there are references to Bejart’s choreography here … I noticed it immediately too. But only the rocking motion you mention. And that doesn’t last anywhere near as long in Ross’ version. However this version moves around the stage which Bejart’s does not being limited by the red table. That’s a big difference. You raise a good question though … when does a reference become a compliment vs plagiarism? Did you notice that the colour palette and costume fabrics reference Torvill & Dean’s famous Olympic routine? Though I doubt that the costume maker is aware of that routine. He’s too young.
  12. Ross explaining about the first full live performance, in Sevastopol https://www.instagram.com/p/CRs02mBADzq/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Ross Freddie Ray is is London today for first ever in-person rehearsals with Sergei Polunin of Bolero ahead of the performance at the London Palladium tomorrow, Friday 15 October 2021. Ross created the role with the help of virtuoso dancer Christi Preda in a studio in Romania and then via Zoom with Sergei, who was back and forth between Miami and Moscow. The performance at the Palladium will also be the first time that Ross will see his own ballet performed live. He could not travel for the filming of the video whose concept was to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, not could he travel to the pre-premiere short version at Baikonur. Sergei has since performed the full ballet live in Sevastopol (in support of the Eifman international summer school) and in Belgrade (to raise funds for his foundation). Ross had ideas on how to alter the choreography from the video (obviously not performed in whole) for a live version, but Sergei chose to not change it. It is a demanding ~17 minute solo.
  14. Sergei has had to rely on solo performances during the pandemic … due to the ever changing COVID social distance rehearsing and performing requirements, and of course, complex travel restrictions meaning employing a freelance international team has been nigh impossible. The only non-solo shows his company have been able to put on, since before the pandemic, have been Rasputin in Moscow (June 2021) and Budapest (August 2021). Rasputin requires only 4 dancers in addition to Sergei. Complications with travel restrictions required last minute cast changes for Budapest. In the case of Moscow, connections in government departments helped to make exceptions for incoming foreigners. This pandemic has been especially hard on freelance performance artists. Sigh.
  15. There are not many seats remaining available for Friday’s dance and conversation evening with Sergei at the London Palladium. Sergei will dance live … BOLERO 🌌 - choreography and concept by Ross Freddie Ray - music by Maurice Ravel - costume by Dmitry Loginov - lighting by Konstantin Binkin PARADISO ⚪️ - choreography by Jiri Bubenicek - music by Kirill Richter - set and video design by Otto Bubenicek And the conversation section will be hosted by Daniel Lismore, around Sergei’s autobiography FREE Last remaining tickets here … https://lwtheatres.co.uk/whats-on/an-evening-of-dance-and-conversation-with-sergei-polunin/
  16. No doubt travel rules will be very different by Summer 2022. They seem to change every week at the moment! In any event a tour might be exempt, or the troupe could self-isolate together whilst rehearsing.
  17. Agree with all this. Probably good thing that you left … in act 3 I actually couldn’t stifle my incredulity at DH’s prissy upright dancing inbetween returning to the dead gaoler hand over mouth in pretend shock. Thank goodness Natalia was real. My companion had had enough before then and also left at the second interval.
  18. The bawdy teasing of the nurse is direct from Shakespeare. A quote and explanation below : Mercutio is clearly saying that the Nurse's face is actually uglier than her "fanny," which is another word for her buttocks. Put another way, Mercutio is cleverly calling the Nurse a buttface. This provides comic relief because the tension between the Montague and Capulets in mounting, and the Nurse has entered forbidden Montague territory. The audience will sense the tension as the Montague boys surround the Nurse. This joke helps to break up that tension,
  19. I love her full-on commitment to whatever role she is portraying. She is never dull! For me she excels in dramatic roles … Juliet, Manon, Tatiana (Onegin), Giselle … and also contemporary ones … Mats Ek, Pita, Maliphant, Oishi, Kittelberger etc. She has an extraordinary ability to convey emotion from her whole body. However, will be giving her classical outings a miss … Nutcracker, Swan Lake (and whatever else comes next season). For me, these require 100% pure and correct technique. There are plenty of other RB principals who I’d prefer in these ballets. Forgot to add … I would really love to see this new Carmen she is preparing. This sounds like a perfect role for her. Dramatic ✔️ AND contemporary ✔️ I do hope it comes to London 🤞
  20. Thank you for the reports … so excited for round 2 of Fumi & Will on 23/10
  21. A Muscovite told me the Bolshoi are preparing to tour to UK in summer 2022. I don’t have any official info.
  22. A video documenting the book signings and Wimbledon Bookfest interview by Simon Hattenstone. I wish this included his actual responses as those are always interesting and revealing of his current thinking.
  23. The Osipova/Sarafanov Don Q is regularly show on Italian TV and there are clips all over the internet. Gramilano has a number on his YouTube.
  24. Anna Rose O’Sullivan mentioned the cinema relay on her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CUKBJIRNAAV/?utm_medium=copy_link
  25. I agree. “Former” doesn’t make any sense when he’s the lead role in this show and presumably on stage involved in the dancing for all 3 acts. “Retiring dancer” might have been better 🤔
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