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  1. Really concerning for employment prospects. And so sad for delayed promotions, dancers’ careers are so short. Silence from other UK companies is worrying. Defeatist even.
  2. I agree Marianela was terrific in this role, and it is worth watching for her alone. I think the partner needs to be someone more mature than Vadim, even Bonelli might be too boyish for the role, though he is super in Onegin. Thiago Soares would have been perfect. And Ryo Hirano would be great too. Fun to be hypothetical!
  3. First performance at Mariinsky 1 was on Sunday 2 August .... more solos and duets by principals /soloists. I don’t know about audience arrangements
  4. I too struggled with the idea of uncoupling the memory of fabulous performances from the opera house and also the city. It would be quite possible to love an opera house like a museum or art gallery and go on a tour of it without being much impressed by performances there. My impression is that many opera houses worldwide are very beautiful inside and serve as attractions for that city. One memorable activity early on in lockdown was attempting to identify these beauties .... (clue: Paris is not one)
  5. IG announcement with a cute photo
  6. It was marvellous to watch live dance being live streamed. There is hope.
  7. There must have been a shortage of Lilac Fairies as I believe Gina performed this role 6 times in the run...when most Auroras had 2 or 3 performances each. Interesting! Twice each with Akane Takada and Anna Rose O’Sullivan and then two consecutive nights at the end of the run ... 15/1 Nuñez and 16/1 Kaneko cinema screening. I know Claire Calvert and Mayara Magri performed Lilac in this run. There must have been others? By the way, is there somewhere on ROH website to check cast lists for recent past performances?
  8. Munich soloist Henry Grey announced he is also leaving .... to join Finnish National Ballet as a first soloist. Congratulations!
  9. Tristan’s IG post from 2nd July 2020: tristandyer After 10 years dancing professionally in The Royal Ballet and a lifetime of training, I have decided to hang my shoes up and take my final bow. I will treasure this part of my life forever and hold many special moments close to my heart. It was a dream come true to be a part of such a historic establishment and it lived up to every expectation and more. I have so much admiration and love for all my fellow colleagues and the support system I have had over the years. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for my family and friends and everyone who’s been there for me. Onto the next chapter & I look forward to cheering you all on from the other side of the curtain!
  10. same thought here, although I’d be a new Friend!
  11. I’ve been thinking about the annual joiners and leavers announcement and wondering how dancers have been able to audition if they are looking to leave, or if they have not had contracts extended. Do the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers at RB have automatic acceptance into the main company? It was my impression they did not. Happy to learn more about the programme ...
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