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  1. Ah back to paying for Insights. I have enjoyed many free interviews online during the pandemic.
  2. This sounds different. Bravo Ivan for broadening the gala format 👏
  3. Sergei performed his new ballet Bolero live and in full for the first time last night (23/7/2021) at a performance in Sevastopol along with the IRSS (international student summer course) directed by Boris Eifman. There are further performances tonight and tomorrow, 24 and 25 July. Fascinating reveal from Choreographer Ross Freddie Ray … ross_freddie_ray ‘Bolero’ was danced live for the first time last night, I wish I could have been there. @poluninink doesn’t stop moving for the full 17minutes in what must be one of the hardest solos ever. I always had plans to adapt it for stage, make it easier but Sergei said no! He wants the challenge. Don’t really know what to say other than wow and thank you @poluninink . Photo by @vitaly_pht . . Concept & Choreography by Ross Freddie Ray Nebula Artwork by @teunvanderzalm Lighting design by @niknib Costume by @dmitryloginov.official Make-up by @stolyarovyuriy . . #ballet #art #space #stars #multiplesclerosis Click links for more photos … Ross Freddie Ray https://www.instagram.com/p/CRs02mBADzq/?utm_medium=copy_link Sergei Polunin https://www.instagram.com/p/CRrw_NwLpLk/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. News that the documentary about the making of the ‘Bolero’ will be out soon. I believe it will include explanation of how movement and dance helps to cure illness, and the features of Multiple Sclerosis that have been incorporated in this dance. Perhaps also why they chose to feature Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF’ in this project Link to announcement … https://www.instagram.com/p/CRjN3g6JOgx/?utm_medium=copy_link Link to ‘Bolero’ video … https://youtu.be/fUjYQTZiWYY poluninink "Bolero" documentary - coming soon We created "Bolero" ballet with @ross_freddie_ray as part of Merck @merckrussia project #livefulllife to support all the people who live with Multiple Sclerosis Concept & Choreography by @ross_freddie_ray Visuals by @teunvanderzalm Director: Maxim Bespalyi Camera man: Ivan Barkhvart Lighting designer @niknib Costume by @dmitry.loginov.arsenicum @dmitryloginov.official Make-up by @stolyarovyuriy Video editing: @vinogradskiy and @philipinolee Watch “Bolero” art video on my YouTube channel . . . . . . . #мерк #merck #merckrussia #livefulllife#рассеянныйсклероз #рс #живиполнойжизнью#живиполнойжизньюсрс #msinsideout #worldmsday#Msconnection #moveform my screenshot :
  5. yes it was sold out … I had friends who were late in deciding to go and couldn’t get tickets even with personal connections.
  6. Sadly I’ve tried that and it’s still too large 🤔 900+ kB after compression. And the tool won’t let me compress further. I used an Image compressor. Could someone recommend a better tool or method? No idea why the original photo is so large… I use my iPhone.
  7. you misquoted me! I said … I didn’t mind standing as I had anticipated the sightline problem, so had knowingly bought the £89.25 ticket hoping (!) to be able to stand. If this message board would allow larger photo files I could show you how close we were. In the end I was rather delighted with my expensive standing ticket. You cannot get that close anywhere in the opera house.
  8. Fab review Mandy. All the dancers performed beautifully and the 3 new principal ladies were especially impeccable … their dancing and beauty is wonderful to view this close-up. Another highlight for me was Reece’s full-on happiness and broad smile in the Manon pdd with Fumi. Happiness was evident in all the dancers! Very grateful for the extra breaks, chilled water and free ice cream … the heat was fiendish. Some people decamped outside the lawn to sit (or stand) either side where there was shade. I agree a much higher stage is needed. Perhaps the organisers should look to the one they use on Verdensballetten outdoor summer tour of Denmark which has been running for 13/14 years ... initially set-up and run by Johan Kobborg, and more recently by Steven McRae. Photo of high stage here …. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjxBJ88gwKn/?utm_medium=copy_link I didn’t mind standing as I had anticipated the sightline problem, so had knowingly bought the £89.25 ticket hoping (!) to be able to stand. Being in the first row behind the 5 ‘VIP’ rows in front … we were as close to the stage as possible, but still needed to stand to see anything more than heads of the dancers. I’d not have been pleased to pay this amount and be at the back with such a limited view. Hugely appreciative of all the super performances and for the packed programme.
  9. Is there a way to fix the IG photo embed issue? It works other places 🤔
  10. No one has contacted me personally (the norm in other groups) so I am guessing (??) that it’s my posting of @dancersdiary lovely photo of Aurora and her 4 princes …. duly credited twice, that has been removed twice. Perhaps someone could explain to me why photos from IG posts do no longer embed in this forum?
  11. Fantastic programme that we’ve heard of so far. Daichi performing Rhapsody. Looks like Alexander Campbell is doing a solo from Dances at a Gathering. Fully expecting to melt while watching .. 3pm start on a hot summer’s day! 🥵 now … how to get a seat with decent sight line? 🤔 (I’m going on Sunday)
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