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  1. Still no information on guest dancers. Keeping us in suspense!
  2. hoping that Katja might fill some of the slots vacated by Alina at the 70th anniversary performances ...🤞
  3. thank you for reminding me of these. All these balances (repeated as she collects the flowers from the girls either side) were exquisite.
  4. Interesting. I thought it was only me not feeling much charisma from Isaac Hernández, which is why I didn’t mention it before. I hope he peps it up for the gala. He definitely can. And thank you for mentioning Shevelle Dynott, I meant to, he was totally hilarious as the Pasha’s assistant.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the matinee of Le Corsaire on Saturday 11th Medora - Fernanda Oliviera Conrad - Isaac Hernandez Ali - Jeffrey Cirio Gulnare - Shiori Kase Lankendem - Brooklyn Mack Birbanto - Erik Woolhouse Odalisques - Precious Adams, Alison McWhinney, Julia Conway I did miss Alina Cojocaru in the lead role (replaced due to illness) but Fernanda is a beautiful and reliable dancer and performed with relish. I hadn’t seen her dance since having her second child and am very glad I now have. Great. There were so many very, very good performances... Isaac, Jeffrey, Shiori, Brooklyn .. but the standout performance of the afternoon was Erik Woolhouse as Birbanto. So dynamic, dramatic and so thrilling in the theatricals. Fabulous. Lovely to see Precious in the Odalisques dancing beautifully with some lovely phrasing. Alison floated through her solo with ease. Julia has some formidable technique and completed the difficult diagonal with perfect triple pirouettes each time. Bravo Loved the production. Agree with an earlier comment that the lighting was a little dull in a few places. And Gavin Sutherland led the orchestra brightly through this delightful romp of a ballet.
  6. Loving the photographs of Reece and Natalia that were posted. They look really good for the roles and together 👏
  7. She was performing Nutcracker in Perm in late December. We don’t know that she was unavailable for Coppélia. She may have chosen not to do it. It would have been new choreography for her from other versions she had performed elsewhere, all many years ago now. Maybe it’s not something she wants to be doing now. Or perhaps it was a scheduling conflict around rehearsal time rather than performance times. All speculation!
  8. I copied and pasted from Graham Watts Facebook. Assume he did same from RB announcement. No idea where or why errors crept in. Not my typing (for once!)
  9. At the RB ..... agree with many .... Francesca Hayward and Alexander Campbell in Manon. Best Manon/Des Grieux since Penney/Dowell. And with Cesar Corrales as Lescaut and Mayara Magri as his mistress Superb performances from all. Elsewhere in UK ..... Alina Cojocaru in Akram Khan’s Giselle for ENB. Achingly sad and visceral. Outside UK ..... Alina Cojocaru and Sergei Polunin in the premiere of Johan Kobborg’s new Romeo and Juliet in the Arena Di Verona, along with 10,000+ others in the audience. Unbelievably emotional for many reasons .... not least that the play is set in Verona. The score included recordings of local church bells, the costumes were divine (unrevealed fashion designers) and the trio of Johan, Sergei and Alina created very special dancing and storytelling.
  10. oh dear must be my mistake .... I was sure I’d seen that he was 🙈 ah I see he is dancing with Fumi Kaneko in Nanjing China on 29th Jan. Not at all the same.
  11. Well to state the obvious, gifting a role like Onegin to anyone below Principal is usually unthinkable. So a mere Soloist? I’d say his promotion to First Soloist was the minimum that had to be done! Plus he is also performing in Japan shortly in Hikaro Kobayashi’s curated shows. All the other participants are principals or first soloists. It’s going to create more of a problem for the next round of principal male promotions .... quite a few in the frame.
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