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  1. I am very pleased that RB have kept these young people on during this pandemic. They may not have meant to convert all to artists, but this is the ‘right thing to do’ in these awful circumstances. Announcing it publicly might draw the wrong sort of attention, so my guess is that the ROH have deliberately gone quiet. Not announcing any promotions is understandable too.
  2. I realise this does not mention the prior years Aud Jebsen dancers who are now Artists! Hmm 🤔
  3. There was an announcement of the new joiners ..... I’m still searching for the official notice. In the meantime here’s an extract from Graham Watt’s Facebook on 1st October: The Royal Ballet has announced that seven recently graduated dancers join the Company on 12-month, fixed term contracts for the 2020/21 Season. From The Royal Ballet School, six graduates join the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme: Denilson Almeida Afonso, Daichi Ikarashi, James Large, Hanna Park, Maddison Pritchard and Marianna Tsembenhoi. The Company also welcomes Marco
  4. Oh thank you @oncnp that is good news!
  5. Has anyone else noticed that all one’s personal event history has been wiped from our ROH accounts? Do we know why? And, more importantly, does anyone know if it will be re-instated? I’m feeling quite bereft not being able to easily access that information of my pre-Covid life.
  6. Exactly. Thank you oncnp. As others above have said, the point was to be enjoying the performance as though one was there in the audience, with the orchestra and dancers, sharing the same precious joy of returning to the stage ... at the same point in time.
  7. Oh! I did not know that it was not actually live. Feeling a bit shortchanged by that.
  8. Oh my word ... I think I held my breath for 3 hours straight, and was definitely on the edge of my seat ... couldn’t get close enough to my TV. (I streamed via iPad connected to TV by hdmi cable). Absolutely wonderful ... pretty much all of it. Those that were somewhat out-of-shape served to remind me how awful this situation has been for dancers used to being highly active for 8+ hours a day, reduced to the commute from their bedroom to kitchen/living room, often the same room! And limited rehearsal time and studio space on return to ROH due to COVID distancing requirements.
  9. Wondering if your TV display / screen size is set up in such a way that the video play button (usual white triangle) Is missing from your screen or chopped off at the bottom? Did I read somewhere that some TVs are incompatible?
  10. I think that’s exactly the problem .... livestream requires more bandwidth. So anyone who couldn’t stream it last night, doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth in their area or in their home.
  11. They are all corps de ballet members! I loved watching Carlos coaching these young artists. Ones that caught my eye were Callum Findlay White, Alexandra Burman and Isabella Howard 👏👏👏
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