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  1. Loving the video clips on Shale’s IG story from audience and from the wings. Super debut! What next for Shale I wonder? Surely not back to lowly corps de ballet at ENB? Although ENB have not yet announced annual promotions I think?
  2. Updates: - Giorgio Garrett (ENB) will be Benvolio - in this version Lord & Lady Capulet are portrayed as young parents of the teenage Juliet which makes so much more sense than the traditional versions where they are old enough to be grandparents! So they are real dancers - en pointe etc. Good opportunity for those dancers - Jann Esterhuizen is Lady Capulet. Anybody know of her?
  3. Hard to comprehend why some are passed over.
  4. Hmm. Shame. There are quite a few older and/or close to retiring female principals at Mariinsky, so 🤞
  5. so as at the Royal Ballet we see principal-quality soloists at Mariinsky waiting to be promoted. There’s a real abundance of fabulous talent around. Are we not lucky to be living in this age of excellence !
  6. On Instagram search #akramkhan or #akramkhangiselle for any number of Russian audience responses all in the ‘mindblowing’ vein also Instagram stories - of Russians Kirill Richter (already expired) and Olga AGapova enticing everyone to see it two or three times - as well as Tamara Rojo and many ENB dancers.
  7. Not me. I’m seeing rave responses on social media. So thrilled for ENB Giselle team
  8. Given Roberto’s last performance with ABT recently (also in Manon) that was my thinking too
  9. Small correction - Olesya Novikova is a first soloist (next rank below principal) at Mariinsky according to their webpage
  10. Oh my word - what an amazing opportunity. Shale has wonderful stage presence (see both his Prix de Lausanne performances and also the Monte Carlo school end of year show - his stage presence draws your eye away from all other performers). And he has wonderful Bournonville-style allegro technique as required for the James’ role in ’La Sylphide’. And youthful exuberance in abundance. I’m sure he’ll give a careful and respectful performance. Thrilled for him
  11. So sorry that some of you missed it. It was well attended but not entirely sold out. There were familiar faces in the audience from the performing world - including Monica Mason and Matthew Bourne. I forgot to mention that Wayne Sleep participated in one of the songs from Cabaret. He did get a little over-excited executing some pirouettes that he nearly fell over. And his outfit was embarrassing. Not growing old gracefully - awkward.
  12. What a fabulous tribute to the wonderful and very special lady that was Dame Gillian Lynne at the Gillian Lynne Theatre on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Did anyone else see it ? Peter Land designed the evening themed around her successes - there were sections on The Phantom of the Opera and Cats obviously and also many others, such as My Fair Lady and Cabaret with a Wayne Sleep. There was a company of EXTREMELY well rehearsed (GL would have approved) dancers and singers supporting the main tributes. There were solo singers, duets and ensemble pieces. I’ll leave it to better experts on west end theatre to comment on those performances. All were overlayed with fascinating video and audio clips and photos of GL. The dance specialist performances included: Tamara Rojo (Director of English National Ballet) and Jeremy Kerridge (ex Northern Ballet) in the Lowry & Mother pdd from ‘A Simple Man’ choreographed by GL. Dominic North and Max Westwell in the Prince/Swan pdd from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. MB was encouraged to choreograph by GL. Iain Mackay and Elisha Willis (both ex-Birmingham Royal Ballet) in the Priest & Prostitute pdd from Miracle in the Gorbals (re)choreographed by GL. Sergei Polunin performed Take Me To Church. GL was the first person to recognise SP’s wish to broaden his world outside RB and the first to offer him an opportunity to do so. All were lovely performances, especially elegant Tamara, sensitive Dominic North and comedic Iain Mackay. The applause for Sergei was unbelievable, he was the only performance that evening to get a standing ovation. He danced his heart out for Gillie - I was in the second row. It was phenomenal. In the finale all the performers (dancers too) came on stage singing ‘The Addressing of Cats’ with their backs to the audience as we all focussed on pictures of GL. A wonderful tribute to such a talented lady.
  13. Valentino Zucchetti has announced on Instagram that he will perform Mercuzio in this production. Ross Freddie Ray is Lord Capulet. Rehearsals are are under way in London and will continue in Italy throughout July as Poluninink company including all the above (except Alina) will be on tour in many beautiful venues in Italy performing Fraudulent Smile and Sacre starring Sergei Polunin.
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