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  1. Has anyone else noticed that this programme is still available (or has become re-available) on the ROH stream site? I watched the entire programme again and enjoyed all of it. Valentino’s Scherzo is great!
  2. I had a clash (in lockdown!) so missed the free livestream ... but I will be paying to watch the on-demand. I heard it is very good! thanks for the reminder.
  3. Enjoy 😉 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CJwLJJLHFsQ/?igshid=1ca4mf47d4n4m
  4. New Year’s Gala from Royal Swedish Opera & Ballet Ballet section introduced by director Nicolas Le Riche begins at 28.15 minutes - Ben Stevensons’ Three Preludes to Rachmaninov Haruka Sassa and Calum Lowden - Johan Kobborg’s Les Lutins (excerpt) Dmitry Zagrebin Free on their on-demand website https://www.operanplay.se/en/performances/concerts Available until 15/16 January
  5. This may have been a bubble problem as she has been flying back and forth to Russia performing at Mikhailovsky in St Petersburg (Cinderella) and at NOVAT in Novosibirsk (Don Quixote and Giselle) inbetween the RB galas. Though her January performances in Russia are now cancelled as flights are suspended.
  6. So many highlights this year all things considered .... Before pandemic : - Royal Ballet’s Onegin I was lucky to see 3 of the 4 casts. - Ballet Icons Gala ... this time without the Russian moniker but with a lot of super Russians performing ... Krysanova, Ovcharenko, Kondaurova, Askerov, Lantratov, Alexandrova, Osipova, Salenko, Kovaleva, (Parish, MacKay, Simkin). Plus interesting range of others ... Golding, Lacarra, Manni, Naghdi, Sambe, Streeter, Takahashi, Piccone. Lots of super performances ... I will go again for sure. - Alina Cojocaru’s thoughtful and mo
  7. Indeed ! That’s an Amazon description error. I’ve reported it to them. Who knows if anyone actually amends these things 🤷
  8. oh yes ... in the combined opera/ballet/music concerts in June ... Fumi and Reece performed the Concerto duet, and Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball performed one of the Golden Hour duets. Neither in the actual costumes. And Francesca Hayward and Cesar Corrales danced a misjudged, depressing (my opinion!) new creation by Wayne McGregor. Those were the only duets, as they had to be cohabiting couples only at that point in the pandemic. Plus of course ... there was Vadim’s divine solo ‘Dance of the Blessed Spirits’.
  9. Yes you are right it was in the original reopening gala in October (that’s Autumn to me 😉). All the pieces in the current BBC highlights gala were in the original two galas (October and November) which were shown on the new ROH streaming service. Neither of which were free.
  10. Found it on Amazon! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tchaikovsky-Nutcracker-Nureyev-Collier-Lanchbery/dp/B08KBMHMYM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Nureyev+nutcracker&qid=1609087380&sr=8-1
  11. @floss do you have a link to where to buy? It’s not showing when I search for Nureyev or Nutcracker on Opus Arte website?
  12. I can understand how difficult it would be to combine two excellent galas without duplication ... I was delighted with the whole, and enjoyed guessing ‘which’ would be shown. Particularly delighted to see these again Rhapsody (Takada/Campbell) Manon (Morera/Bonelli) Carousel (Mayara/Ball) In our Wishes (Kaneko/Clarke) Don Q (Nunez/Muntagirov) and disappointed not to see William Bracewell’s solo ‘Blessed Spirits’ . Many more opportunities to rewatch in next 11 months on iPlayer ...hooray.
  13. This livestream appears to be ‘only available until 31 December’ Is that correct?
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