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  1. As for Marguerite and Armand .... Alina was sublime in this role. Sensitive to her role in that society. Deportment to match and her full emotional range came across. Johan Kobborg excels as Armand’s father. He has considerable aura on stage, not needing to do too much with his gestures for us to feel the force of his will. Francesco Gabriele Frola was very good indeed from the angry scene onwards. Beautiful arabesques, lines and sumptuous movements with strong dynamics and connection with Alina. He was less free in his dancing prior to that. It was all hugely emotional at the end which both leads contributing to the moving denouement. I shall look forward to seeing him in dramatic roles with ENB in future. Best of the current ENB principals in this type of role I’d say.
  2. I actually loved the two movies in Alina’s programme. I think they were both emotionally brave and intimate insights to her inner world, accompanied by well-chosen music. ‘Für Alina’ by Arvo Part used to accompany the Kiev movie in particular, composed in 1976. Much better than some other piece danced by someone else interjected between her dancing. She could have chosen that, or musical interludes. I also liked the musical start, like an overture to an opera or full-length ballet. It brought the audience into Alina’s way of thinking that dance is driven by the music. That’s my my interpretation.
  3. yes he does have superb correct technique, amongst his many talents 😉
  4. See RB soloist Joe Sissen’s arabesque with correct hips 👏
  5. Just seen today on ROH website that Federico Bonelli will partner Akane Takade on 6th March replacing Steven McRae. No changes shown yet to other dates.
  6. He’ll be the Duke or more likely one of the other supporting cast members. He’s not in the same league as Frola and other select principals that have performed Armand worldwide.
  7. The M&A performances by NBC premiere in Canada on 29th February 2020. Frola’s performances are 1,5,7 March there. He’s going to be well prepared after being coached by Johan and performing 5 times at Sadlers Wells with Alina!
  8. Partnered by Jacopo Tissi. This is a big honour for him. He is much improved in strength and partnering this last year. Bravo 👏 I look forward to hearing all about it as I can’t go myself. (I’m at Alina Cojocaru’s show at Sadlers Wells at the same time. )
  9. Krysanova is in Novosibirsk dancing Taming of the Shrew with Lantratov on 21/2
  10. Your daughter’s teacher is correct. Square hips for arabesque, grand jete etc is correct. Many ‘cheat’ later on to get higher legs or wider split jetes. A dancer with the correct alignment will always be more aesthetically pleasing. So please stick with the teacher.
  11. Ovcharenko is named as Siegfried. But I believe Smirnova usually dances with Belyakov or Chudin. Intrigued to see how this one plays out....
  12. Nuñez and Bolle recently danced Onegin together at La Scala. You may remember they were rehearsing Onegin together in Milan on World Ballet Day 2019. Marianela has explained on Instagram ... She wishes Reece a speedy recovery, and says Roberto just happened to be at ROH to rehearse something else. Serendipity for the audience tonight! Enjoy.
  13. Well this is interesting. Is Reece injured? Or because Marianela is replacing Natalia, was she able to ask for Roberto Bolle to partner her? I see Marianela’s current Onegin RB partner, Ryo Hirano is not available as he is performing elsewhere in Japan this week.
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