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  1. Last year email arrived after 10 days approximately for the london preliminary audition.
  2. These are taster days for central...they have just put them on their website https://www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk/ddcourseoutline.php together with audition dates https://www.centralschoolofballet.co.uk/seniorschoolhowtoapply.php
  3. My dd (16 in August) will be starting at Central in September too and we are looking at accomodation options - we live overseas so this is a bit daunting 🙂 Is anyone considering IQ Paris Gardens next to new school and would consider sharing? Regarding Liberty House - is this the one on Sebastian Street - anyone booking this? I would really like her to live somewhere where other Central students will be lodging so that she will know people at the boarding house too and they can commute together. Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  4. Any idea how many finalists to expect for 6th form finals? And how many they take in?
  5. Has anyone heard from Central 10th feb audition?
  6. My dd went last summer. Typically they had two classes in the morning starting at abt 9, followed by a lunch break, and then 2 classes in the afternoon. Approx 1-1.5 hours per class. These included ballet pointe repertoire contemporary jazz pilates and yoga. This was for age 15. It was very well organised and a lovely experience.
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