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  1. No I wasn’t sure what to wear either! Maybe someone who’s already there will come along and help us, we have had an e mail about a smaller t shirt now available xx
  2. Hi My daughter will be doing the first two weeks and starts level 4 in Sept, did you get an e mail about any shirt they can buy? Xx
  3. Hi We have had the same as you, summer holiday dates and a confirmation e mail but that’s all so far! Hopefully we will get some more info soon x
  4. We had a week booked too but managed to change it, I have no idea if it’s the same time each year, I would presume so. I’m sure someone said it was pretty much all school holidays! But someone may come and correct me 😬
  5. That’s fantastic news! See you at the summer intensive then ! Well done 👍
  6. Has anyone had a child who has auditioned for York Dance Scholars? We are awaiting a result and it said within two weeks , not sure I can stand much more of my DD asking!
  7. Ok my DD is a bit older , going into year 8 and she has been offered a level 4 place, everything is crossed for you! Keep us posted
  8. My daughter auditioned on the Saturday and we heard on the Tuesday ( was supposed to be the Monday though) , what level would your DD be going into? Good luck!
  9. I feel your pain , my youngest does gymnastics too and that is so very nearly the route she took but in the end she had to decide and chose dance, but she loves gymnastics and if she could do both that would be ideal ! Have you thought about English youth ballet? They are auditioning in York ( not sure if that’s do able for you?) age 8 +
  10. I can’t even think about it! Hasn’t sunk in that eldest and got into the CAT scheme yet, will be a lot of journeys to and fro on a Saturday of youngest is successful 😬
  11. Hi My 8yr old was a no for associates too, she got to the finals and is grade 2 RAD and just about to take grade 1 IDTA, it’s a long process at our dance school which is frustrating! She has just auditioned for York Dance Scholars and that’s the one she really wants, she loved everything about the audition.
  12. We have been offered a CAT place for my eldest, can finally stop refreshing e mails!
  13. Thank you, my daughter has just been offered a place! Very happy after a tense couple of days , nice to finally stop refreshing my emails 😂
  14. We have CAT audition next week, if it’s reserves for associates could we still get a yes for CAT scheme? 😬well done to the yes and reserves!
  15. My youngest was a no, and my eldest is reserve. Oldest will be fine just hope youngest is!
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