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  1. My son is almost six foot tall. He listens to a lot of people and has learned to read elementary Russian. He follows several Russian dancers on Instagram. He goes to a dance school run by a teacher who was himself schooled in the Russian tradition. He believes standards are higher in Russia, especially at the Mariinsky. He reveres Ekaterina Kondaurova whom he saw dance at Covent Garden last year. He was fascinated by the personal history of Xander Parrish but not quite so impressed by the performances of the man himself. He is determined to dance in Russia, where dancers, he believes, (rightly
  2. Can I ask whether parents of young ballet students have had the opportunity of forming a received view about London Russian Ballet School? Our fourteen-year-old son is desperately keen on a ballet career and is very tall for his age. He believes, because male ballet stars in Russia tend to be tall, and indeed female stars do too, that he could follow in the footsteps of the likes of Xander Parrish, whose example has inspired him. But although the LRBS recruit students from overseas and from many far-flung parts of the UK and these students of course board, the school itself does no
  3. My wife and I are new to all this, and in particular to the world of private education of any kind. We have significant reservations about the value of paid-for education in general, and neither my wife nor I nor any of our four children have had anything other than state-funded education. I qualified for the bar and had all my tuition at school, university, and vocational level paid for by the state, and I also had grants to support my living expenses when I needed them. My wife went to Oxford and became a solicitor in similar fashion, and our first three children went to university having ha
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