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  1. Does anyone know if Bob Martin is still custom making pointe shoes? And if so how do I get hold of him. If not is there anyone similar about these days?
  2. Thank you, Have you advised Tring to take you off the waitlist? It might speed the process up for others. Great news on Elmhurst! She is a very lucky girl! I hope her dreams come true! Xxx
  3. Can I ask which school she got an MDS for? We are waiting on Tring! 🤞🏻All our fingers and toes are crossed!
  4. Have just seen your post on the other forum. That is amazing that your daughter got all three! Massive congratulations! mine on wait list for MDS for Tring so fingers crossed we will hear something!
  5. Starlight69 by any chance did your letter tell you of how many MDS were given out? I have only heard of you and one other! Did you do Elmhurst or Hammond? How did you get on there?
  6. How many others are still waiting on Hammond and Elmhurst?
  7. We are on waitlist too! We didn’t get called back for physio. So fingers crossed a place comes up!
  8. Well done tutu girl! We are out at the moment but I’m itching to get home now!
  9. Tutu girl, my daughter was in the same as yours then as we were first thing too! We didnt audition for Hammond at all, just felt it was a bit too far for us. She did audition for Elmhurst but no call back. I’m guessing you are doing these ones? Good luck and let me know how Tring goes for you!
  10. Timeflies, 2 people above have stated they got offered mds awards but were sent away and not seen for physio so it does happen. I know it happens at WL too as it happened to my friends daughter. So I’m still keeping fingers crossed!
  11. Eeek....we were there today but not kept for physio, my daughter went away very disappointed. Almost tears in her eyes. I told her it doesn’t mean anything and not to read into it! Now it’s the waiting game! Tutu girl I believe they said they would sit down at the end of the day and make their decisions and try to get letters out ASAP. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  12. Valentina that’s really useful thank you! Im guessing if they keep you for physio then it probably means they are interested but if sent away then it probably means unsuccessful with scholarship? I will call the school. Thank you for your advice
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