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  1. Wonder if they do it straight away, but my son declined y7 Elmhurst place so that would have been 1 freed up.... not sure that helps to know.. x
  2. Thanks richieN! Wasn t aware of that!
  3. And well done to everyone who got a place, waiting place andc who audition! Amzing experience for all! ❤
  4. Just out of interest, does anyone have an idea how long is the waiting list usually? Thank you x
  5. It means you re with the lucky few in line if a place becomes available.. im assuming they liked your DC if they offered you a different centre as well
  6. Great thank you! How do we go about paying?
  7. Hi, My friends daughter starting september. She s 150cm tall and her waist is 23ins. If the uniform would fit her, she would love to get it from you! Thanks Kat
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