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  1. Does anyone else have a child on the waiting list for Tring (pre scholarship round)? We were advised we would be written to again to let us know if they had space by the end of March...its been a 2-month wait already!
  2. Thanks SarahW. I think straight dance entry must be slightly different as the only auditions for Year 10 (PF) were after Christmas. No doubt there are many factors involved. Happy to say she is finally beginning to see that WL is an achievement...though I think we will go through it all again if its a no in the end! I did just spot that Tring was pulled up by Ofsted in december...something to do with boarding and well being...anyone know/heard anything about this?!
  3. Thank you Anna C, that is heartening to hear. I'm not very good at waiting!
  4. Just heard daughter on Tring Wait list for Year 10 Perf. Foundation; does anyone have any experience of how this works? Words of wisdom ?! Is this really a NO? I think daughter will read it as such...the letter says due to pressure of pupil numbers and they hope to let us know by end of march. Any insight would be welcome, thanks.
  5. Ugh thanks Glacier ! Will try to forget about it !!
  6. My dd had audition for Performance Foundation course (year 10 2019) on Jan 16th...how long have you had to wait? Daughter hoping its the 2 weeks the head said but the receptionist hinted at 3 !! I know most on here are here for pure dance but any others for PF/MT? Congratulations to everyone that has had good news!! The wait is killing us !!!
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